Sell Wherever Your Customers Go

One dashboard to manage and sell to anyone, to anywhere - speed and convenience that matter.

Why Multiple Sales Channel?

You don’t need us to tell you this.
Shoppers are everywhere, and being everywhere your customers go is crucial.

  • Opportunity

    Never miss out on any sales opportunity by selling on every customer’s choice of buying channel.

  • Data driven
    Data driven

    Growing across various channels gives better insights into consumer behavior.

  • Secure

    Never put all eggs in 1 basket cause you’ll never know when a single channel will scale or kill.

  • Efficient

    Eliminate the need to access to each seller account individually to reduce time-consuming and repetitive task.

Sell on All Channels with Ease

Speed up your setup process with one click,
so you don’t have to do it repeatedly.
  • Channel integration ready

    Connect to all popular sales channel in just 1 click - no complicated setup and coding required

  • Price adjusting

    Adjust different selling prices on different sales channel right from EasyStore dashboard.

  • Product catalogue clone

    Copy and paste your entire catalogue on any sales channels with a single click.

Automate Your Selling Process

We made managing on multiple sales channel simpler,
as if you are selling on 1 channel.
  • Inventory sync

    Inventory across channels get updated in real-time, ensuring 100% error-free inventory tracking.

  • Product data

    Reduce the workload by managing a single product data stream across channels.

  • Order processing

    View, manage and process orders across channels (marketplaces, social media, live commerce & etc.) right from a central unified dashboard.

Data That Keeps Your Business Growing

An overview integrated insight let you in line with current and
future market trends that support long-term business goal.
  • Multi-channel reporting

    Consolidated view to track and measure your entire performance across channels to make accurate business strategy.

  • Grow customer database

    Collect customer database no matter where they shop to run effective retargeting campaign that keep them coming back.

Sell More with Multiple Sales Channels

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Be Where Your Customers Are

Extend your reach and get your products visible to more shoppers.

Easystore Online Store Free

Make your brand stand out in the digital crowd. Our easy-to-customize template turns your idea into an online store with a custom web address. EasyStore supports dozens of payment providers and methods with a multi-currency shopping cart to sell to your customers around the world.

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Easystore Point of Sale

Allow your business to accept orders anywhere with EasyStore POS. It is a native mobile application that record customers' data, order details, and product inventory across all selling channels. You can easily find a product by scanning the barcode and print receipts through Bluetooth connection.

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Easystore Shopping App

Offering a convenience and a seamless shopping experience to users who wish to shop anytime, anywhere. Users get to shop all of their favourite brands quickly, secure and easy.

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Easystore Facebook

Allow customers to make self-purchase on Facebook. One-click builds your Facebook Shop by syncing product catalog from EasyStore. Auto-update your business with complete product information, inventory, and orders within your EasyStore dashboard.

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Easystore Facebook Live

Instantly accept more orders during your Facebook Live stream. Your customers will receive a purchase link via Messenger once they comment on your Live. EasyStore will collect orders in the backend and retrieve the order details for you. Every sold item will be reflected in your inventory.

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Easystore Instagram

Get discovered by Instagram shoppers who are searching for similar products. EasyStore Facebook Marketing helps to speed up the process of enabling Instagram Shopping. Tag your products to create shoppable posts and stories. How to skip the lengthy verification process? Use our Bio Shop to instantly create an Instagram alike store.

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Easystore Instagram Live

Automate your Instagram selling to accept more orders during your live stream. Every comment you receive during your live stream will trigger the system to send a purchase link to your customers’ inbox. Any purchase via the link will be collected and recorded in EasyStore backend for you.

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Easystore TikTok

Convert traffics from one of the world most popular app into sales and reach highly targeted customers via TikTok Shop. EasyStore supports syncing products and centralizes your TikTok order and inventory management.

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Easystore Shopee

You can sell more than Shopee on multiple sales channels. We provide centralized management of order, product, and inventory for Shopee and other selling channels. You can set a different selling price to sell on Shopee. Utilize our bulk action on order fulfilment and airway bills printing.

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Easystore Lazada

You can sell more than Lazada on multiple sales channels. EasyStore supports syncing products and adjusting different selling price on Lazada. We centralize your order, product, and inventory management for Lazada and other sales channels. You can bulk fulfil orders and print airway bills.

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Easystore WhatsApp

Convert your WhatsApp conversation into sales. EasyStore WhatsApp Order Form helps to collect payment and gather customer information. It is a secured form that shows your products' name, price, and photos. The familiarities of WhatsApp interface encourages your customers to buy the products straight away.

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Easystore LINE

Take your sales conversion from LINE chatroom. Let customers view your products in a chat through EasyStore LINE Order Form is a secured form that shows your products' name, price, and photos to reduce the time-consuming shopping procedure without having to visit a separate website.

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Easystore WeChat

Attract more customers on WeChat moment. Share your EasyStore WeChat Order Form on the moment to encourage your customers to buy the products straight away. It shows your products' name, price, and photos to let them browse and shop your products without leaving WeChat.

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Easystore Telegram

Speed up your sales conversion on Telegram messenger. EasyStore Telegram Order Form equipped with sales order processing automation, complimented automated data and payment collection that enhanced customers' checkout experience.

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Easystore Google Shopping

Reach potential customers that may look at your competitors. Google Shopping in EasyStore is built to speed up your Google ads setup process. One-click to sync your product catalog to Google Merchant Center, instead of doing it separately. You can track your product approval status in EasyStore anytime.

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Easystore Wholesale Portal

Let your business welcome large order volume customers. EasyStore Wholesale Portal is a password-protected portal which only accessible by invited customers. You can customize different price list that tailored to your different customer groups.

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Easystore Referral Marketing

Encourage more people to promote your products with referrals incentive in EasyStore. You can set up different commission tiers for different referrals groups by rewarding them cash, coupon code, or store credit. Auto-track each sale brought by your referrals in your EasyStore dashboard anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is multiple sales channels selling?
Multiple sales channel selling is a business strategy that offers you the opportunity to expand across various sales channels to increase greater product visibility in front of your prospect.
How do I manage multiple sales channels
EasyStore seamless integration helps to eliminate repetitive task like inventory update, order processing, product listing and more.
Sellers get to copy and paste all products list onto various popular sales channels within few clicks and get a bird eye view of every insight and performance of each sales channels is doing to create a more effective marketing strategy.
How to sell on multiple sales channel?
  1. You will need to create an account on the sales channels that you are planning to sell, including an EasyStore account.
  2. Tab “sales channels” Within EasyStore dashboard to access over 20 popular sales channels we support.
  3. Tab on each channel that you want to add
  4. Follow the guide in the dashboard to sync multiple sales channels onto EasyStore for seamless management.

What They Say About EasyStore

  • logo-hisbrew.png

    “EasyStore provides ease of use tools and integrations as well as a fast customer response rate. The seamless approach that EasyStore provides, by merging various platforms is priceless.”

    Josh, Founder of HisBrew Coffee. Co

  • logo-fourjei.png

    “Processing of orders has been made easier and I especially like the sales report and analytics feature that has helped us netter understand our sales performance and strategize our marketing. ”

    Ngoo Sze Jie, Founder of fourjei

  • logo-tiadafatihah.png

    “My business runs by itself since EasyStore taking charge my stocks inventory and order! There’s no need to be concerned about orders coming in from various platforms. My business has grown by 90% after using EasyStore.”

    Tia Fatubqh, Founder of Tia Fatihah

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