About us

We are a small group of youth brought together by our passion to help small businesses grow through technology. With EasyStore, you can easily create & manage your online store and sell online - on your computer, your phone & your tablet.

Meet our team

Everyone here in EasyStore is open-minded and is encouraged to explore & take challenge in our fun work environment.
From Zero Byte to Exabytes
Chan Kee Siak

Co-Founder and CEO

Every detail matters
Frost Chen

Co-Founder and CTO

Business is Business
Alan Kok

Co-Founder and Business Development

I am also an opportunity taker who hungry for growth.
June Sim

Marketing Strategist and Market Expansion

Old ways won't open new doors
Chong Chee Hang

Merchant Success Guru

Always push the boundaries of comfort zone.
Janson Tan

Merchant Success Guru

Follow your soul. It knows the way.
Ying Lee

Merchant Success Guru

Embrace your weirdness.
Lee Kar Yan

Marketing Executive

Coffee lover
Lee Yoon Sin

Product Development and Research Lead

Surrender now or prepare to fight!
Then Wong Sin

Front End Developer and Designer

Life is short make it sweet =o
Chan Wing Chun

Front-End Web Developer

Work smart, play harder =D
Joyce Peng

UX Designer

echo '#workhard #playhard'
Kwa Teck Kian

Web Developer and System Engineer

Travel is my lover. Badminton is my mistress.
Chin Chin Hong

Web Developer and Researcher

I'm not fat, I'm just easy to see!
Hee Chih Bing

Web Developer and Researcher

Feel great to know you guys :)
Tam Kok Wai

Web Developer

Don't let your dream be dream
Hew Kang Qi

Web Developer

Joy of life, live to code
Anson Lim

Web Developer