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  • It was definitely a challenge for me to learn something different out from my comfort zone and somehow I did it! Don't be afraid to learn.
    myatodesign.com - Myato Design

  • Perseverance is the key. It's crucial to continuously enhance and improve your store by making an informed decision when coming to ads and expanding your inventory.
    www.yuyi2u.com - Yu Yi Herbs

  • Starting is always difficult. Persistency is the key to make things happen.
    www.jiaxianghome.com - Jia Xiang Home

  • If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative enough
    www.byeggs.com - by Eggs

  • Don't be afraid to start and do not stop learning. There are no short cuts in success. We took one baby step at a time to come this far, I believe you can do it as well.
    www.petitlabel.com.my - Petit Label

Yu Yi Herb X EasyStore

Nick原本也和90后一样, 离乡背井来到城市工作. Jia Xiang起初只是他的副业, 想要透过网络的发达让更多都市人认识家乡的海产. 直到两年前发生的事件让他决定回流渔村, 全职投入海产生意.

Jia Xiang X EasyStore

创业需要的是一股冲动. 就是一句“你想要创业吗” 让3位保险销售员转行卖药材. 除了独立网店,他们也常常参展推广自家的产品,并且同时拥有实体店.

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