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開發者: Polaris Net Sdn Bhd

BizCloud2U Accounting and Inventory integration with EasyStore

Sync Orders, Products and Customers from EasyStore to BizCloud2U

BizCloud2U Accounting & Inventory is now integrated with EasyStore. Install this app to export orders, products and customers from EasyStore to BizCloud2U. BizCloud2U will handle the rest of the processes needed to run your business such as inventory management, posting to accounts, taxation and also financial reporting.

Inventory levels from BizCloud2U can also be updated to EasyStore with the click of a button.

About BizCloud2U

BizCloud2U is a cloud based accounting and inventory system built for customers in Malaysia and Singapore. BizCloud2U will enhance your business especially if you sell online via EasyStore by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff in managing the basic back-end processes that every successful business is required to get right such as keeping a full set of accounts, taxation, inventory management and financial reporting.

If you require a demo, contact:

Kent (Central region): 017 5825277

Vincent (Nothern region): 012 4989730