How a Geotechnical Engineer Builds Her Luxurious Skincare Brand

By Yavini Lucille · 17th December, 2019

The first-hand experience in using the premium grade skincare brand led her to bring French natural skincare brand all the way to Malaysia. Leaving a stable and secure job position -- Geotechnical Engineer, she insisted to make more people knowing these olive-oil products and pamper them with a greater treatment from her products. Jhen, she is now the director of Une Olive en Provence.

Satisfaction Inspired Her to Start Business

Receiving and testing on the sample was her first meeting with Une Olive en Provence from her a family friend. After testing, one of her family members was so satisfied since it can soothe her sensitive skin which was her longing wish. 

None of her skincare products would fit, so she grabbed unhesitatingly this chance in a lifetime and decided to create one in Malaysia.


Give Up or Build Her Own Empire

Of course, she can’t have the best of both worlds. After all, she was a Geotechnical Engineer worked in Singapore. She got to a crossroads before starting her business journey either to continue her work in Singapore or to begin a new career in Malaysia.

Success won’t come to her unless she goes to it. Sacrificing the stable career she had in Singapore is part of her venture business. Although her bold decision will be, no, someone must be criticized, she saw herself being able to make something from nothing with Une Olive en Provence.

Rough Ride in Paving Her ‘Oil’ Venture

Jumping into a red-ocean-like skincare industry, undoubtedly it was like a ‘mission impossible’ for her to ride out the storm. Moreover, she has neither a business background nor business experience in her life. 

As an amateur, Jhen was driven to her wits’ end at the beginning of the path. Developing a distinguishable brand is not as easy as she thought to stand out among better-established brands like Estée Lauder, Shiseido, Clinique, and other premium skincare corporations.

To keep track of her vision, she dedicated to staying focus on providing excellent products and services to consumers, because she and her team believe that this is a golden rule for any business. 


The Excitement that Continues Her Disaster-Like Journey

Maintaining a close customer relationship like friends is what she always emphasized since launching her brand. Her team kept their ears to the ground to receive every single feedback from the consumers.

Jhen is deeply overwhelmed by seeing how her products improved the skin troubles of her customers, even a tad bit better, she truly appreciated the relationships with the customers as precious blessings.

Her own website that built with EasyStore is one of various social platforms to assess various feedback on her brand and products. For a non-IT-savvy, user-friendliness in EasyStore created an experience that a website could be built without having a designer or an engineer personally. 

She noted that reasonable pricing offered was done on a shoestring budget which best suited a start-up business like hers. EasyStore also has provided flexibility in managing her orders and products, at the same time, excellence technical support has often been equipped.

Running an online store with EasyStore helps her saving time to focus on the more important task of her business. On top of that, Jhen settled on EasyStore because it was customizable and it was used as her backup POS system in her boutique stores.

Investment in Activity of Today is for the Assurance of Tomorrow

“Go ahead for what you want. You will realize Kelly Clarkson was probably right because what doesn’t kill you makes u stronger,” advised Jhen to the newbie or even existing entrepreneurs out there. Take your guts along to fight over the obstacles on this tough path.

Producing a trustworthy and reliable source of ingredients that could make people counting on was Jhen’s genuine wish. And hopefully, we could anticipate a few more interesting brand expansions from Une Olive en Provence in the not too distant future.

Jhen has shown a great example of how to seize an opportunity, and have made a courageous decision to switch from a high-paying job to a self-made entrepreneur by overcoming multiple doubts of others to her decision. Check out their website and social at the links below! 




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