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Fulfill and sync your order to, notify delivery tracking status to your customer.

FREE INSTALLATION provides the best shipping experience for EasyStore to drive customer loyalty and additional sales.
Install the plugin to automatically add Tracking Number and Courier fields to your seller panel.
By installing for EasyStore, you can automatically add Tracking Number and Courier fields to your admin panel. After you fulfill a shipping order, simply add the tracking number and select a shipping provider at EasyStore.

Automatically import your tracking numbers to, so you can get current tracking info for all your shipments from shipping providers at your EasyStore store in one place

- Embed the Track Button to allow effortless order tracking for your EasyStore store.
- Automatically insert tracking link to your EasyStore store so that customers can track shipments effortlessly at the order confirmation and order history pages
- Add your tracking link to either your store's header or footer or both and make it easy to track orders
- Send shipping & delivery notifications to customers through multiple channel via Email, SMS, Telegram, WeChat, Messenger, WebPush, Android and IOS.
- Configure sms notifications for Info Received, In Transit, Out for Delivery, Available for Pickup, Delivered, Failed Attempt, and Exceptions

- Automatically generate a tracking page at EasyStore for each shipment and customize the look & feel
- Customize your tracking page by adding your logo, EasyStore URL, and impact SEO to generate more sales
- Set up a custom domain to display the tracking information and improve the searchability of your EasyStore website
- SSL certificate for users with a verified custom domain
- Drive traffic to your EasyStore site instead of the courier's site and increase the organic search

- connects you with 80+ shipping providers in Malaysia
- The standardized layout of tracking results received from different carriers

- Get powerful insight on shipping performance, notifications and tracking pages
- Filter Data by shipping date, courier company, status, and more