Loyalty program for regulars

Thank your customer with a loyalty program

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Loyalty program <b>for regulars</b> | EasyStore

Loyalty Points

Treat more customers like regulars

Use Points in your loyalty program to reward customers for purchases or visits. Grow brand engagement and build long-term customer relationships.

Treat more customers like regulars | EasyStore

Membership Tiers

Make your customers spend more

Membership provides a sense of belonging to the brand. Multi-tier membership programs incentivize customers to spend more by moving up to higher levels of the program. You earn status just by enjoying what you already love.

Make your customers spend more | EasyStore

Reward Voucher

Keep them coming back

The best way to retain a customer is to offer them a reward voucher to get them keep coming back and spend. Not only that, it is also act as the privilege while moving up the membership tiers.

Keep them coming back | EasyStore

Shopping App

Put your shop at
your customer phone

  • Digital Member Card

    Customers get to enjoy quick access to general info, shopping catalogue and manage loyalty program right at their fingertips.

  • Repeat Purchases

    With all the purchase history shown in the app, customers able to make their repeat purchase decision real fast, with just one click.

  • Ecommerce App

    Customers can quickly access your online store from mobile. Mobile-first design makes it easy to scroll, shop, and pay on a phone.

Put your shop at <br class="show-desktop"> your customer phone | EasyStore

Don't just take our word for it

  • Lily’s Homemade | EasyStore
    The feature of EasyStore platform is adapt to local business environment and up to date, easy to use as the name suggest!
    Lily’s Homemade Vicky & Sam — Vicky & Sam
  • Bayu Somerset | EasyStore
    Previously we spent so much time and manpower doing stock count and inventory for every outlets. Now, we remove all the manual work and only allocate one person to manage the inventory, orders and product, because everything can be done in EasyStore.
    Bayu Somerset Mohamad Emir — Mohamad Emir