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Turn <b>your live streaming</b> into selling | EasyStore

Boost sales with live streaming

  •  Promote Exclusive Offers to Viewers  | EasyStore
    Promote Exclusive Offers to Viewers

    No more repeating product name and price. Once you start live streaming, we will display them automatically in the comment section. Viewers can buy it by leaving simple words like 'PM', '+1' or 'Interested'.

  •  Convert Live Sales on the Spot  | EasyStore
    Convert Live Sales on the Spot

    Your customers will receive a purchase link via Messenger once they comment on your live streaming. We help you to grab more sales before they lose interest to buy from you.

  •  Automated Checkout Process  | EasyStore
    Automated Checkout Process

    We record all the order details, item sold, and the amount of payment received while you're reaching the audience in real-time. Meanwhile, your inventory will be reflected in the backend to save you from doing double work.

  •  Announce Real-Time Stock Updates  | EasyStore
    Announce Real-Time Stock Updates

    Once the inventory is sold out, we will directly notify your viewers by leaving the comments to prevent you from overselling.

  •  Gain Key Insights  | EasyStore
    Gain Key Insights

    All the sales record and live stream video will be saved in EasyStore. Track and review the performance of your Facebook Live to understand your customer shopping behaviour.

Facebook Live

Instantly accept more orders during your Facebook Live stream. Your customers will receive a purchase link via Messenger once they comment on your Live. EasyStore will collect orders in the backend and retrieve the order details for you. Every sold item will be reflected in your inventory.

Facebook Live | EasyStore

Instagram Live

Automate your Instagram selling to accept more orders during your live stream. Every comment you receive during your live stream will trigger the system to send a purchase link to your customers’ inbox. Any purchase via the link will be collected and recorded in EasyStore backend for you.

Instagram Live | EasyStore

Why businesses use EasyStore

  • Re:Gine HoJiak | EasyStore
    To set up the platfrom is not that diifficult. We just need to set it once, and it is up and running. EasyStore help to speed up the buying process and we are able to boost 80% of our sales with the promotion tools.
    Re:Gine HoJiak Tommy — Founder
  • Hisbrew Coffee | EasyStore
    The seamless approach that EasyStore provides, by merging various marketplace onto one platform is priceless. Tried other platforms that claims similar capabilities, but still ended up sticking with EasyStore due to its ease of use.
    Hisbrew Coffee Josh — Founder