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Boost sales with <b>Instagram Live</b> | EasyStore

Five proven tips to leverage Instagram Live for business

  •  Product unboxing  | EasyStore
    Product unboxing
  •  Live stream event  | EasyStore
    Live stream event
  •  Product tutorial  | EasyStore
    Product tutorial
  •  Q&A session  | EasyStore
    Q&A session
  •  Interview  | EasyStore

How customers buy from you on Instagram Live

  •  Customer watches live stream  | EasyStore
    Customer watches live stream
  •  Buy directly through the app  | EasyStore
    Buy directly through the app
  •  Get notified of orders at any time  | EasyStore
    Get notified of orders at any time

Essential features for Instagram Live selling

  •  Comment to order  | EasyStore
    Comment to order

    EasyStore Instagram Live will recognise any comments and add them to the shopping cart with the custom keyword +1 for checkout.

  •  Chat automation  | EasyStore
    Chat automation

    You can set up several filters to follow up automatically with viewers who have commented on and added your products to their basket.

  •  Seamless payment process  | EasyStore
    Seamless payment process

    We record all the order details, item sold, and the amount of payment received while you’re reaching the audience in real-time.

  •  Real-time stock updates  | EasyStore
    Real-time stock updates

    Once the inventory is sold out, we will directly notify your viewers by leaving the comments to prevent you from overselling.

  •  Unified order management  | EasyStore
    Unified order management

    Manage and process Instagram Live orders or orders from other sales channels all from within EasyStore without the need to switch between tabs for seamless performance tracking.

  •  Generate sales report  | EasyStore
    Generate sales report

    All the sales records and live stream video will be saved in EasyStore. Track and review the performance anytime.

How to sell on Instagram Live

  •  Connect with your Instagram account  | EasyStore
    Connect with your Instagram account
  •  Choose the products or the collection you want to feature  | EasyStore
    Choose the products or the collection you want to feature
  •  Tap the broadcast button and ready to go live!  | EasyStore
    Tap the broadcast button and ready to go live!

Why businesses use EasyStore

  • Re:Gine HoJiak | EasyStore
    To set up the platfrom is not that diifficult. We just need to set it once, and it is up and running. EasyStore help to speed up the buying process and we are able to boost 80% of our sales with the promotion tools.
    Re:Gine HoJiak Tommy — Founder
  • fourjei | EasyStore
    Order processing has been made easier and I especially like the sales report and analytics that helping us better understand our sales performance and strategize our marketing.
    fourjei Ngoo Sze Jie — Founder