Your Customers Love Great Bargains

Run promotions like a pro with EasyStore flexible discount tools


Keep Your Customers Happy

Customer experience drives brand loyalty and ultimately helps you stand out from competitors.

  • Opportunity to sell more

    Cross-sell, upsell and product on sale has better chance to attract shopper's attention than the one that doesn't. It also brings in more traffic during promotional periods.

  • Encourage impulse buying in your store

    Create sense of urgency to buy now, not later with limited time promotions to speed up purchase decision and act immediately rather than later to prevent shoppers from losing the urge to purchase.

  • Always get them coming back to you, not to your competitors

    Offer more value to your customers, than your competitors with EasyStore CRM tools to manage customers grouping, creating VIP memberships and offer tailored deals.

Did you know it costs
more to acquire new customer than retaining current customers online?

Flexible Promotions, Customizable Choices

All choice of promotion for your ideal campaign

  • Discounted products

    Offer a slash in price promotion to visually represent the value the customer is receiving

  • Flash sales

    Provide a limited time offer to create sense of urgency to encourage customer to buy not, not later.

  • Discount code

    Personalized discount codes for customers as a shopping incentive to offer exclusivity to customers.

  • Free gift

    Not only entice customers to buy from you instead of competitors, it also give them the chance to test out your other products.

  • Purchase with purchase

    Cross sell by offering a discount on a second product on the condition that customer buys the first product.

  • Loyalty credit

    The more customers spent, the more they’ll be rewarded on their next purchase to encourage repeat purchase.

  • Multi-tier membership

    Allow you to set different discounts level to your customers by grouping them based on the amount spent or other alternative.

  • Free shipping

    Run free shipping promotion for individual product or for entire order, with different targeted location.

  • Referral program

    Encourage your customers to share your brand with their friends, colleagues and family in exchange for a reward.

Create Deals for More Sales

Unleashing your marketing creativity with our promotional tools

Launching a new product

  • Offer free gift of new launched products
  • Offer one day only introductory offer
  • Create new product bundling

Say sorry to unhappy customers

  • Generate exclusive discount code as compensation
  • Compensate customers with extra shopping credit on the next purchase
  • Create free gift voucher as a token of gratitude

Festive seasons sales

  • Offer extra store credit during festive credit
  • Create limited time offers on a special date
  • Create bundle festive package
  • Provide free shipping for limited time

Customer appreciation

  • Offer exclusive deals to top spending customers
  • Credit reward, customer tier and more...

What They Think About EasyStore

  • "EasyStore is the most user-friendly website solution I have ever used, and the customer service are prompt and helpful. My e-commerce business is growing consistently every month."

    Mabelle, Founder of Adove Jewellery

  • "It helps our customer to place order easily and for us to manage our store peacefully. No hassle, it’s time efficient too! With just a few clicks you can twirl your business smoothly."

    Sonya, Founder of COCO ONYA

  • "Simple, user-friendly interface. The best Malaysian alternative of Shopify. Able to build a real business."

    Jun Qi, Co-founder of BengBeng Sourdough

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set more than 1 promotion?
Yes, you may set unlimited promotions with our promotional tools, unleash your creativity!
Can I edit on-going promotion?
Yes, on-going promotions are editable from time to time.
Can newly created promotions be previewed by my customers on my storefront?
Promotion created will appear on the storefront, product or checkout page depending on the type of promotions that are being created.

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