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Multiple sales channels platform for you to sell more and manage less

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Why You Need Multiple Sales Channels?

Connect your business with Lazada in EasyStore helps you take advantage of automation to manage products, orders, and inventories for multiple sales channels. Add a new sale channel that provides you centralized management between Lazada and your Ecommerce website.

Generate repeat sales

Price-sensitive buyers in marketplaces often hurt your profit margin and seldom notice your brand. EasyStore allows you to build relationships with customers and generate more repeat sales. Communicate directly with them via email, Messenger, or WhatsApp. Keep them coming back with reward credits and promotions.

Avoid price competition

The only way to survive in the marketplaces is to create a low-price appeal. But in fact, you can sell on more channels. Start building ecommerce website with your own branding to grow the online presence. Don't rely on a single channel, you should sell on multiple channels to generate more sales instead.

Lazada + Multiple Sales Channels

Let your business stand out online

Extend your audience reach by promoting and selling across different sales channels all within EasyStore. Broadening your online presence makes you outperform competitors by providing your products readily where people expect to see.

Run your own promotions

Offer promotions such as discounts, free gifts, purchase with purchase, and reward credit to the customers based on their spending habits to keep customers back to your store. Fully control over its period to boosts customers' impulsive buying and urgency.

Centralized orders management

No matter the sales channels, EasyStore ensures your orders to be managed and provided real-time status within one dashboard. Speed up workflow with bulk action on order fulfillment and airway bills printing. Clean up your finances by importing orders to our accounting software.

Remarket to existing customers

Auto-record customer information in EasyStore makes it easy to recognize your loyal customers and form customer groups based on their spending habits. With this, connect with people who visited your site previously to strategically position your ads, thus helping remind those audiences to make a purchase.

All sales channel reports

Organize and display your business performance from all different sales channels in helping you relocate the operating budget. Straightforward reports tell which sales channel is performing best and support setting up retargeting marketing campaigns based on your customers’ buying behavior.

Essential Lazada Integrations

  • Bulk orders management

    Fulfill multiple orders and print airway bills at once with Lazada or third-party logistics integration. Auto-update your customers by sending notifications about the latest order status.

  • Import products from Lazada

    Rather than adding products one-by-one, upload your products from Lazada to EasyStore's backend in just a few clicks. Your Lazada product reviews and shop rating remain unchanged.

  • Sync products to Lazada

    Quit manually sync sales channel data for a complete business view. Instead, you can automatically sync product information from EasyStore to Lazada in real-time.

  • Inventory update

    Once integrated with Lazada, your entire inventory count is automatically updated for both Lazada and your Ecommerce website. Prevent you from overselling and underselling situations on the products.

  • Selling price adjustment

    Free yourself from spending time to select products and adjust different selling prices over multiple channels on the same product. Minimize your transaction costs without affecting the profit.


Facts about Lazada

Lazada is one of the largest ecommerce platforms which attracts over 10 million active buyers in Asia Pacific. It serves cross-border selling opportunities to sellers with a huge number of ready buyers on the platform. Over 50 millions of buyers do online shopping on Lazada.
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With the help of EasyStore, I have no need to work 12 hours a day, it synced my products to Lazada & Shopee without double work needed. Zlera Zain - Founders of Zeez Scarves

Lazada + Multiple Sales Channels

Available on Lite, Standard & Business plan. Enable Lazada

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