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The EasyStore app lets you manage orders, products, and customers on-the-go.

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Run your business with <b>mobile app</b> | EasyStore

Run your business
wherever you are

  •  Push notifications  | EasyStore
    Push notifications

    Never miss an order with our real-time notifications. You will receive a mobile notification when there's a new order from any sales channel.

  •  Manage your orders  | EasyStore
    Manage your orders

    View all sales channels' orders within your order listing page. Quickly sort out your orders by channels, payment, or fulfilment records.

  •  Process your orders  | EasyStore
    Process your orders

    Make it easy to identify and pack your orders correctly with our packing slip. It is a downloadable slip that contains your product's name, price, and Barcode.

  •  Ready to ship  | EasyStore
    Ready to ship

    Fulfill your orders with our available logistic services. Your customers will get notified once their orders are processed.

Stay connected
with your customers

  •  List your customers  | EasyStore
    List your customers

    Filter your customers based on birth month, zodiac, and sales channels. You can also identify your loyal customers and even customers who likely to place order.

  •  Profile & insights  | EasyStore
    Profile & insights

    You can access your customers' basic information, purchase history and lifetime spending with your business.

  •  Contact customer  | EasyStore
    Contact customer

    Instantly reach your customers with the recorded information via communication channels such as WhatsApp, text messaging, email, and phone call.

  •  Add new customer  | EasyStore
    Add new customer

    Let your business welcome new customers. You can add and save their information in just a few taps.

Products and inventory

  •  Products listing  | EasyStore
    Products listing

    Make the process of finding your products quick and simple with filter options like product visibility and product collections.

  •  Add new product  | EasyStore
    Add new product

    Add, edit and publish new products right away in your mobile device. You can edit your product's name, image, price and other details.

  •  Update product details  | EasyStore
    Update product details

    Any changes made to the details of the product in your mobile app will be updated across all of your sales channels.

  •  Inventory control  | EasyStore
    Inventory control

    To prevent you from overselling and underselling situations, you can control the inventory level across all channels.