She Built Her Website Without The Luxury of Avoiding Comparison

By Yavini Lucille · 22nd April, 2020

What would you start with when jumping into a digital business? A mother who gets inspired by her firstborn launched her dream without any business experience and knowledge. Skipping the brick and mortar, let's discover how she beat the odds TO make her idea into reality.


Go Left When Everyone Is Going Right

Different from others, everything that came up with this business is when I gave birth to my precious firstborn in life. It’s the very first time being a parent and suddenly my emotion becomes a little highly strung where it can’t be controlled. My time went away easily with my baby. From time to time, I got overly attached to baby’s stuff.

Instead of buying a cute appeal for my own baby, I decided to sell it online by myself for other parents to gain choices of buying outfits for the baby at affordable prices. Not only overseas but the local retailers are able to offer qualified products at reasonable prices.

As a parent, everything for the baby is highly discerning, especially the product information. Before making purchasing decisions on the Internet, the details are emphasized and that’s one of the concerns of my online business.

Baby clothes and accessories are what I have been selling since starting my own online business. From dresses to shoes, everything looks good and wonderful on the baby, I’d love to put them on my baby! And that’s why I began my online baby clothing brand in 2018.


Grab Every Chance Whenever It’s Available

Now I’m taking my online business as a part-time job in my free time. I am just a normal white-collar worker with the job to test or analyze on-going and finished products in the Quality Control department in a company. I’m still working for the company meanwhile earning very previous experience as an Ecommerce seller without renting a physical shop on a daily basis.


Formal Education Makes A Living. Self-Education Makes A Fortune.

When it’s time to start the online business, my brain lost functionality and couldn’t step out of my comfort zone. Business is a matter that is totally opposite to what I learned and worked before. To be honest, I have no business background as an entrepreneur.

But as the old saying goes every cloud has a silver lining. The Internet is the main resource for my study on business. Although I never get the chance to go to a business lesson, I learned related knowledge via others’ experiences and reviews on the Internet.  ‘Never take the age as your excuses, do it before you regret it.’ 


‘Blue Kickoff’ To Digitalize Her Business 

Customers believe in the brands they trust. Online business is integral for meeting their needs. When it fails, trust is lost. Almost every day the news about online scammers that you can notice in our social media. It really consumes time to build trust between the brand and the customers. 

Building trust takes a long time but ruins it just needs a moment. Hence, customer relationship management is another concern that I have put much effort on especially at the beginning of the business venture.



Why Multi-Channel Selling? Marketplaces Build No Movement

Besides the struggle mentioned above, creating liquidity is difficult. It’s tough to convince a consumer to visit your product page in Lazada or Shopee on a daily basis, even weekly. A site that without people “coming in and out” won’t move. That’s what I have realized. 

Building your own website is not as complicated as I thought before. Similar to its name, the user-friendly interface allows the setup process to be done easily.


Unexpected User Experience in Building Website

Within a day, from uploading the products to the orders, all can be synced from marketplaces to the online store that is built by EasyStore. The affordable price offered in EasyStore is best suited for sellers who just start running the business with low capital.

One of the features I would like to mention is the Marketing Centre in the admin panel. Not only Facebook Marketing integration is ready, but also the website promotion is customizable as the strategies to promote my ecommerce shop. To tie in with the festivals, a variety of discount and combo prices were prepared for the customers which suit my needs.

The moment of deciding the theme design could be the time I felt dazzled. More than 40 ready-made designs are provided and editable based on my preference. I could even edit the website by using Ipad and mobile phone anywhere anytime. The Help Center is one of the places that often visited to get some reference for solving my inquiries.



Top Recommendations for New Store Owners

One of them needed to point out is bulk fulfillment. In the past, basically I would receive at least 20 orders on a daily basis and previously I spent plenty of time just to fulfill the orders one by one. Almost every hour needs to be checked with the seller center of marketplaces. 

With the feature available in Easyparcel integration, I could save my time from getting my orders fulfilled in bigger quantities within a shorter time. Skip the unnecessary steps. Key in the essential information only in one place.

Other than that, I have integrated with the apps Telegram in EasyStore. The order notification will be sent to my Telegram whenever the orders are made, not matter in the site or the marketplaces that I have connected with. I can get the information without turning on my laptop.


I Got Started, and I Had Seen The Results

Multi-channel selling in EasyStore and marketplaces has created the potential growth of the sales. Most obvious part would be sales. I had approached the marketplace integration without knowing about the opportunity. After integrating with the marketplace integration in EasyStore, instant success was observed — an increase in sales. It gave a better presence in Lazada and Shopee.

Speed up the working flow. Sync products detail in Shopee one time to my own online store. No need to do double work, key-in for twice. With the help of EasyStore, the brand is able to broaden the reach and get greater purchases.

A convenient shopping experience makes customers easy to visit the e-commerce store. Flexibility is given to buy directly from the website and check the availability of the products without waiting for the customer service.



One Bad Chapter in Life Doesn’t Mean It’s End of The Book

Definitely some of you will start the business from scratch without a visible direction. As time goes by, self-doubt, discouragement, fear or negativity slowly will swallow you when you’re not ready. 

“Winners never quit” greatly impressed me when it appeared in my sight. From time to time, I have always searched for information about entrepreneurs on the internet. 

Read some inspiring stories from successful entrepreneurs. See how they can overcome the misadventure that came before them without giving in. Take a break. Recharge yourself for a fresh start. 

What’s more, ecommerce success doesn’t come overnight. Constantly keep an eye on your market and choose the best suit strategy to better meet your customers’ demands. 

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