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SendGrid for email deliverability service to send transactional emails triggered by web apps. Simplified email delivery.

About SendGrid

SendGrid is a tools that allow you to blast your email or newsletter to hundred or thousand of your customer within few click instead of sending one email per times.

  • Templates - SendGrid has a wide variety of pre-designed Newsletter templates, just need to choose the template that fitted your message, insert your message, and click send.
  • Real‑time Monitoring - it allows you to create reports based on the timeframe, email category, ISP, geography, and device type.
  • Unsubscribe Tracking - it allows you to track which emails have unsubscribed your newsletter

Why SendGrid?

SendGrid is an excellent option for sending large volumes of emails, just need to insert your API Keys at SendGrid App there, and you are good to go, its is a useful tool that which email has been delivered and the percentage of those send mails have been marked as spam



  • 實用的模板 - SendGrid有多種預先設計的電子郵件模板,只需在選擇適合模板之後置入您想要傳達的訊息,就能單擊發送給所有的客戶。
  • 實時追蹤 - SendGrid允許您根據時間範圍、電子郵件類別、ISP、地理位置和使用設備的類型去創建報告。
  • 追蹤取消訂閱數 - SendGrid也允許您追蹤所有取消訂閱您的電子報的客戶郵件資訊。


SendGrid是當您需要發送大量電子郵件的絕佳選擇,只需要在 SendGrid應用擴充中填入您的 API 密鑰就可以開始使用了,它能夠幫助您了解已發送的電子郵件以及已發送郵件中被標記為垃圾郵件的所佔百分比。