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Better manage your multichannel business and grow your e-commerce reach with PayRecon's E-Commerce Management System.

When your business grows, the orders will increase, then you'll know how time-consuming and labor-intensive they are to manage your E-Commerce business. Especially if you don’t have a good e-Commerce management system to help you.

What's PayRecon?
PayRecon is a cloud-based E-Commerce Management System, which is designed for SMEs to sell through multiple marketplaces and manage easily on a single platform.

We provide a comprehensive system and unbeatable prices for your value in return.

How PayRecon works with your online store?
Save tons of time and costs by automating most of your daily operations. Ensure 100% accuracy rate.


  • Sync to the major accounting systems with just a few clicks - SQL, AutoCount, QuickBook, Bukku, and more
  • Sync to various popular marketplaces - Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, PrestoMall, and more
  • Manage inventory and sync the latest quantity to various marketplace stores in real-time.
  • Update product instantly from PayRecon to marketplaces after editing product info
  • Import and list all your product between PayRecon and marketplaces at once
  • Track all the unpaid orders and generate financial reports effortlessly and accurately.
  • Gain centralized control over inventory and order fulfillment

*Shipping label printing can only be done on EasyStore.

Our flagship products are PayRecon, Accounting Integrator, MultiChat, SMART Scan Mobile App. Check out here to learn more.

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