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Pay with Pace Widget

Developed by Pace

Elevate your customers’ shopping experience by splitting their payments into 3 interest-free instalments.

Sell more. Pay less.
Retailers who installed  as a payment option have seen checkouts increase and purchase friction reduced.
With no upfront fees required, you get to grow your business by offering your customers more.

  • Get paid upfront

While your customers pay in instalments, you get paid upfront, just days after the completed purchase.

  • Increased cart size and checkouts

Boost your customers’ purchase power without heavy discounts, so you get the right prices for the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.

  • Access to new customers

Gain access to undiscovered customers who shop with Pace via our website, app, or as a part of exclusive promotions and offers.

  • No upfront setup fees

We’ll work with you to get started and won’t charge a cent for it, so you can stay focused on running your company, hassle-free.

  • Risk-free

We take care of the payments, KYC, and fraud detection, with no risk to you or your business.