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Turn Facebook Messenger customers into customers in your online store

Modern connects your business with your customers and web visitors via Facebook Messenger. It keeps the conversations going even if they leave your website, turn facebook messenger into your marketing, sales or support hub.


  • Automatic Subscriber Tracking - The moment you authenticate Modern, every Messenger customer you talk to becomes a subscriber that you can send automated sequences and broadcasts to at any time. It helps you track responses and all the analytics that matter to you and your team.

  • Send Engaging Messages - It sends engaging messages to your subscribers based on keywords or just a broadcast. Create questionnaires, updates and automated sequences in minutes. Select who to send it to, and just hit send. 

  • Support & Capture Widgets - On-site widgets, embed buttons, and more will help you capture new subscribers that you'll be able to contact at a later time. Each new Messenger contact is an open door to a larger opportunity. The menu widget makes it easy to setup a Messenger menu that your customers can use at any time to start the engagement.

  • Unparalleled Support - They offer the best support on the market and are ready to jump on a call to help you figure out the best bot for your company. They also always available on Messenger and use their own tools to help you get the most from your experience