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LINE Login

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Let LINE users easily log in and connect on your website.

  • 讓你的顧客可以輕鬆一鍵登入,免除繁雜的註冊步驟

  • 透過用戶的 Line 個人公開資訊,打造更客製化的用戶體驗

  • Tap into LINE's network of users by integrating LINE Login into your app or website.

  • Give your customers  an easier way of logging in and increase your conversion rates.

行動時代來臨,用 Line 直接註冊登入

Line 在台灣擁有絕對的市佔率,全台有89%的人使用Line。
你的用戶只要按下一個按鍵,不必再多一組帳號密碼,輕鬆就能用 Line 註冊網店會員,大幅地提升會員數量。

Let LINE users easily log in and connect to your app.

A convenient way that allow your customers to connect with you easily.  Enhance your customers experience of shopping with you.

  • Extensive user base - Take advantage of LINE's extensive network of active users to increase the reach of your app or website.

  • Account creation made easy - Make it easy for users to create an account with LINE and to log in with a single tap without having to set and remember any passwords

  • Personalization- Create more engaging experiences for users by accessing their LINE profile information and using their display names and profile images.