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Track how well your ad campaign is generating with Google Adwords Tracking 使用 Google Adwords 追蹤功能追蹤您的廣告活動效果

If you’re running ads, you’re already receiving valuable information like the number of times your ads have served and the number of clicks on your ads. But what if you use an analytics system outside of Google and want to track things like which clicks are coming from mobile, or how much of your ad traffic is coming from the Google Search Network versus the Google Display Network? You can access this type of information by setting up tracking in URL options.

This article explains how tracking works in AdWords and what you can set up in URL options. Setting up tracking is a good idea if you’ve been successfully running campaigns and want to know more about your clicks.

How tracking works

Tracking works very closely with your ads’ final URLs. If you don’t use tracking, someone who clicks your ad will go directly to the landing page URL you entered in the “Final URL” field when you set up your ad. If you set up tracking, you can send potential customers to specific landing page URLs that have extra information, like the keyword that triggered your ad or the type of device the person who clicked your ad was using.

Good to know

Setting up URL options at the ad group, campaign, or account level means that you can update your tracking information without resubmitting your ads for approval. If you set them up at the ad, keyword, or sitelink level, your ads will need to go through review.

如果您正在投放廣告,那麼您已經收到了有價值的信息,例如廣告的投放次數和廣告的點擊次數。本文將介紹 AdWords 中的追踪工作原理,以及您可以在網址選項中進行哪些設置。如果您已成功投放廣告系列並想了解有關點擊的更多信息,那麼設置追踪是一個好主意。