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FreshPop - Pop Up Widgets

Developed by FreshPop

Gamified Lead Capturing Wheel And Reel Pop Ups

Let’s be honest, “Subscribe to our newsletter” pop-ups are incredibly annoying and ineffective. 

Instead of annoying your visitors, with FreshPop, you can create a win-win for your customer and your business.

You get a new subscriber on your list and your visitor gets a coupon or promo code they can use in your store.

This dramatically grows your email list, generates more sales, and increases your conversion rates to levels that blow you back in your seat!

How does it work?

FreshPop pop-ups overlay one of our fun games for visitors that you can fully configure. When a visitor enters their email address, they win a random discount they can use in your store. 

You can fully customize FreshPop so you can specify the exact discounts you'd like to provide customers and how often each discount is ”won”.

Because the coupon codes are won instead of simply handed out in exchange for their email address, it is way more likely to be used, compared to simply given in the first email after they subscribe.

Fully Customizable

FreshPop gives you full control over all text and colors so you can design it to match your brand.

Set the exact codes or promo codes your subscribers can win. You can even set the percentage discounts or free shipping.

On top of that, you can easily change the probability of each code to control how frequently each prize is awarded to a visitor.

Real-time Pop-Up Analytics

Learn how visitors interact with your pop-ups and what traffic converts.

Email Marketing Integrations

Instantly add your new subscribers to your Mailchimp, ConvertKit, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign GetResponse, Hubspot, Sendinblue, Mailjet, ConstantContact, CampaignMonitor, or Klaviyo list.


Add a tab-icon to your website that visitors can click on to launch the pop-up. Or automatically trigger the pop-up on Mobile and Desktop

Fully Responsive

FreshPop is fully responsive so it looks and works great on every desktop, tablet, and mobile device.