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EasyParcel Widgets

Developed by EasyStore

Allow your customer to track shipment in your website

There are three widgets that you can install on your store to make things easier!

1. EasyTrack

Allows Users To Perform Shipment Tracking On Your Website.

Make it easy for you and your customers to track shipment statuses on your website. You can easily insert EasyTrack on your website by clicking "save".

Besides bringing convenience to you, our EasyTrack may attract visitors to your website as well. Just copy the codes below, it's free!

2. Volumetric Calculator

Allows Users To Calculate Volumetric Weight Of The Parcel On Your Website.

Selling and delivering huge items? You would need to calculate the volumetric weight based on length, height and width of the item. Make it available on your website!

It is crucial to book your delivery based on volumetric weight if your item weigh more than the actual weight.

3. Delivery Rate Checker

Allows User To Check EasyParcel Shipping Rate On Your Website.

Wanna make Delivery Rate Checker available on your website? You and your website visitor can easily check for delivery rate from multiple courier companies, all on your page!

No more hidden delivery charges and this will make your site more trustworthy.