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直播拍賣主的最佳行銷工具-更好玩、效率、精準分析的直播拍賣,幫助你簡單播,簡單收! EasyLive provides you the easiest and most efficient way to create live sales!

【 EasyLive 特色介紹】

1. 強化直播畫面
高畫質 720P 、美肌美顏、循環跑馬燈、綠幕去背、倒數計時器!

2. 系統內建各種活動,直播變得更簡單
拍賣:留言 +1 系統自動私訊

3. 系統自動導購
智能 AI 讀取 +1 留言後,自動以粉專名義私訊買家,

4. 直播成效之數據統計

5. 電商平台
你可以自由上架商品、訂單及金物流管理;直播中觀眾留言 +1 立即建立訂單,輕鬆結帳!

EasyLive 操作簡單,我可以設定好活動後悠哉地開著直播,專注於銷售和觀眾互動,也不用請小幫手在一旁拿紙筆記訂單,用最輕鬆的方式達到最強大的轉化率!

有跑馬燈跟公告超酷!不用擔心漏聽重要資訊;當我留言 +1 時,馬上收到系統私訊給我的購物連結,可以直接進到填單介面,不用再和店家一來一往確認訂單,購物零障礙!

官方 Line ID-@zkf1578y


【 EasyLive Features 】

1. Facebook Live Screen Enrichment
720p High Quality, Filter Functions, “Ticker” and “Broadcast” Marketing Functions and “Customized Background” Effects.

2. Sale X Bidding X Lucky Draw X Poll functions all in one App
Show the important information (ex: product price, bidding results, reward list...) all on the screen, you don’t have to notify one by one and worry about missing orders. Timer built-in will calculate results automatically and totally save your time!

3. Facebook Comments Intelligent Analysis System
Artificial Intelligence will send personal message to buyers as Page identity after detecting the valid comments. You can also export the orders of buyers and winner bidders to charts. It saves lots of time for sellers and prevents them from missing or delaying orders.

4. Data Statistics of Live Results
Back-end will synchronize with the mobile phone on Live and record data to make it into statistics. Sellers can create a better Live or alter marketing strategy by viewing Live data statistics(ex: customer loyalty, active rate...).

5. EasyLive Ecommerce Platform
Manage your products, orders, stocks and payment settings easily via our Ecommerce Platform. We help you create an order automatically when your audience comment "+1" during Live!

【Seller’s use review】
EasyLive is so easy and handy to use. I can set all the activities from back-end on the computer in advance and create Live by mobile phone leisurely. Besides, I can focus on sales and interacting with audience without another helper writing down all the orders. It enables me to reach HIGH conversion rate in the easiest way!

【Buyer’s watching review】
Ticker and Announcement are so cool! Interaction during Live was more attractive than before! And I got a message with the order link as soon as I commented to buy the product. I don’t have to confirm the order with the sellers anymore. This kind of shopping is really TIME-SAVING!

【Contact Us】
Line ID-@zkf1578y

More information please refer our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: https://easylive.live/policies

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