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Developed by EasyStore

Email marketing automation that craft every interaction with your leads

  • Simple install of Drip (getdrip.com) on your EasyStore.
  • Potential customers email and data automatically added to Drip.
  • Create targeted email campaigns based on buying behavior.

Lightweight marketing automation

Drip is lightweight marketing automation that doesn't suck. After integrate with EasyStore, Drip allows you to craft every interaction with your leads, trial users and customers like an artisan.

Benefits of Drip

Tag your subscribers based on their actions

Use our automation engine to apply tags to your subscribers when they perform particular actions, such as visiting a page on your website, clicking a link in an email, making a purchase, or any other custom event you send to Drip. We also support unlimited custom fields (such as "name" and "phone") on all subscribers.

Send targeted emails

There are three ways to send email using Drip:

  • Drip Campaigns

    A campaign is a sequence of emails, such as an email course or user onboarding sequence.

  • Broadcasts

    A broadcast is an email blast, such as a timely promotional deal or notification of a new blog post.

  • One-Offs

    One-off emails are triggered by specific events, such as making a purchase or applying a tag.

Identify your best leads

Our lead scoring algorithm tracks a number of events to determine which subscribers are most engaged with your content and likely to become customers. Sort and filter by lead score to focus your efforts on your most engaged subscribers.

Automate everything

We have 11 triggers and 14 actions in our automation rule builder. Automations can be used to move subscribers in and out of campaigns, apply tags, record conversions, send them to an another application (like a CRM system), and more.

Other Benefits

  • Reports

    Keep tabs on subscriber growth, engagement, ROI, tags, and more in our reporting area.

  • Split Testing

    Test your subject lines, send times, and from names within your drip campaigns.

  • Concierge Service

    Our writers can either adapt your existing content or write a custom course from scratch.

  • Campaign Blueprints

    Our pre-built blueprints help you build your drip campaigns using industry best practices.

  • RSS-to-Email

  • Multi-User Access

  • Custom Email Templates

  • Custom DKIM/SPF

  • Automation Rule Blueprints

  • Full Knowledge Base

  • Data Exports

  • Monthly or Annual Billing

  • Custom Redirect Pages

  • Localization Support

  • Google Analytics Support

  • Global Subscriber Search