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Discount Timer

Developed by EasyStore

Use the Countdown Timer and boost sales even more by adding a countdown time to your schedules sales!

About Discount Timer

Discount Timer is a tool that urges the customer to purchase your discount product by display a timer below your promotional product and expose your current promotion

  • Increase your conversion rate by urge customers, by display a timer below the product showing when will the promotion expire
  • Easy to Setup - Just Install the app and set up a promotion
  • You don't risk the chance of customers leaving because they didn't know there was a coupon

Why Discount Timer?

It is a great feature that notices your customer currently there are promotion running, it will display a timer below and will grab customer's attention and it will lead to increase your sales, besides that Discount timer will also increase the exposure of your current promotion



  • 易於設定 - 只需安裝應用擴充,並確認您的促銷已完成
  • 抓住客戶的眼球 - 沒有人能拒絕折扣優惠!在客戶瀏覽您的商品期間,告訴他們什麼是最值得購買的
  • 降低客戶直接離開頁面的風險- 客戶時常會對比商品的價格,假設他們不知道您此時的優惠活動,或許就會因此轉向其他競品。