Wong Kah Cane

Wong Kah Cane, an experienced leader and educator, holds an Honors Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Northern University Malaysia. With a rich background in business transformation and management, he played a pivotal role in the growth of Yuen's Traditional Chinese Medicine, overseeing its expansion from 24 to 90 stores, with revenues soaring 5.5 times. As a Vice President of Malaysia Timber Council, he continues to contribute to organizational transformations.

Wong's leadership philosophy centers on systemic organizational learning, empowering CEOs and fostering the development of distinctive Malaysian businesses. He believes that companies are dynamic spaces for learning, growth, and responsibility, encapsulating his commitment to modernized management and leadership with a local touch.

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Wong Kah Cane


  1. 第一关键:思维模式的改变
  2. 第二关键:定期进行一对一的面谈
  3. 第三关键: 带领团队达成目标
  4. 第四关键:创建反馈的文化
  5. 第五关键:领导团队变革
  6. 第六关键:做好个人管理(管理好时间和精力)