Koh Tak Song

Introducing Koh Tak Song, a dedicated MBA student at the University of Strathclyde. With a rich and diverse professional journey, Koh has gained extensive experience in various roles across industries, including leading positions at Huawei, Telec Ltd, and Motorola Mobility.

Koh's dedication to sharing his expertise is exemplified by his willingness to offer a full refund to participants if they don't find value in his courses. His passion for empowering businesses is evident in his commitment to filling essential knowledge gaps and contributing to their success.

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Lazada Sales & Profits with Excel

Koh Tak Song
This training focus on providing the Excel Skill Sets for participants to retrieve the data from Lazada effectively. Participants then learn to use this date with Excel to generate useful and important information in a fast & accurate way, without spending money on buying expensive software. Then Participants will also be able to understand how KK used critical analysis to identify issues, manage and implement steps to correct it, and monitor the progress anytime.
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