Felix Lee

Meet Felix, an adept eCommerce trainer and founder of an enabling firm that empowers clients to conquer their Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok accounts. With the nickname "Ecommerce Ninja", he excels in deploying strategic moves to excel in the fierce online selling arena.

Felix's knowledge is battle-tested—each insight he gathers, learns, and shares is grounded in his own experiences. Count on him to be your reliable guide, offering proven strategies to navigate the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape and achieve triumphant results.

Felix Lee | EasyStore

TikTok 营销带货入门

Felix Lee
  1. 生态系统: 内容创作者 | 商家 | TSP | MCN
  2. 了解如何运用 TikTok 的 Affiliate Marketing 来带货营销
  3. TikTok 视频内容 的 最佳实践方式
  4. TikTok 直播推销 的 最佳实践方式
  5. 了解如何运用 TikTok 的 广告系统来投放流量

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