Chan Fong

Chan Fong, a seasoned branding expert, boasts close to 26 years of experience. In 1997, he embarked on an advertising venture with a friend, a prelude to founding 180° Advertising in 2002.

Notably, Chan Fong is also a respected DJ on 988, a radio station, in addition to being a senior figure in the advertising world. His illustrious career includes a trail of successful brands such as Cuckoo, EcoWorld, Ogawa, and many more. Recognized for reinvigorating established names and nurturing new ones, Chan Fong's journey exemplifies his prowess in brand management.

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Brand Talk 品牌生命力

Chan Fong
產品的品質差不多,但爲什麽別人的銷量更成功?不想只靠價錢戰來搶生意,你還可以做什麽?要讓你的品牌成爲同行中的 No.1,原來不是那麽難?

Day 1: 品牌生命力基本功
  1. 你的品牌的价值究竟可以有多大
  2. 创立一个品牌的正确程序
  3. 黄金圆环法则 The Golden Circle Law
  4. 消费者的隐藏需求 – 逆不了的市场趋势 Market Trend
  5. 定位 Positioning 的重要性 – 让你的品牌成为 No.1 的关键
  6. 揭开消费者追求有差异化定位的产品/服务的谜底
  7. 打造高价值品牌定位的3大条件
  8. 对你的品牌进行市场调查 Market Research 的重要性
  9. 了解市场调查的种类 Primary & Secondary Researches
  10. SWOT Analysis / PEST Analysis / Marketing 4Ps
  11. 定位图 The Positioning Mapping
  12. 消费群类别 Define Your Target Audience

Day 2: 打造强大品牌生命力的步驟
  1. 品牌真章 Brand Truth
  2. 品牌识别稜鏡 Brand Identity Prism
  3. 品牌架构 Brand Architecture
  4. 品牌故事 Brand Story
  5. 价值主张 Value Proposition
  6. 品牌原型 Brand Archetype / Personality
  7. 品牌周期 Brand Life Cycle