Angie Ng

Meet Angie Ng, the COO and Operations Lead of the Boss Boleh team. A chartered accountant and entrepreneur, she boasts over a decade of experience in one of Malaysia's Top 10 public accounting & advisory firms. Angie's expertise spans various industries, including e-commerce, F&B, retail, tech startups, e-wallets, logistics, NGOs, and manufacturing. A master of digital transformation, she excels in guiding SMEs to transition from offline to online operations.

Angie has led Boss Boleh to aid over 1,000 entrepreneurs, both local and international, in establishing companies in Malaysia within just 2 years. Her strength lies in simplifying complex concepts, making them accessible even to those new to entrepreneurship.

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Sharing Session: Sdn Bhd 101

Angie Ng
Learn how to save money and run a profitable business with ease!
  1. A detailed roadmap: What do you need to do after SSM approves your company registration? Does Sdn Bhd have to do audits and taxes? Will it be expensive?
  2. Planning to open a second branch, but not sure if you should continue to use Enterprise or Sdn Bhd to expand your business? Is it possible to use an already existing company? Investors have expressed interest to invest in your business, what should you do?
  3. Can an Enterprise be upgraded to Sdn Bhd, and what should you do? What companies can convert to Sdn Bhd? How much does it cost to open and maintain a Sdn Bhd?
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