Lalamove x EasyStore

Ship anywhere and unlock on-demand delivery with Lalamove now

Ship with Lalamove now

  • Lalamove has become the strategic partner for businesses of all sizes to solve their last mile delivery issues. Enterprises from a wide array of industries use Lalamove to scale and outsource their deliveries according to their needs 

    Lalamove is the 24/7 on-demand delivery app that seamlessly connects users and drivers around the world to move things that matter. Lalamove makes delivery simple with its fast and efficient technology platform. With the push of a few buttons it’s possible for anyone to make an order.

  • Established in 2013 and founded in Malaysia, EasyStore is a passionate group brought together by our mission to help businesses grow through technology with our multiple sales channel platform. Empowering merchants to easily create & manage their online business - from their computer, phone & tablet.

    EasyStore supports over 40,000 brands from all around the world, with merchants from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong all the way to Africa, Europe and America.

    With EasyStore, you can manage all your orders, products, inventories, customers are synced across popular sales channels such as your own online store, WhatsApp, Instagram, Shopee, Lazada, LINE, Telegram and so much more from one centralized platform.

    Manage less, sell more today with EasyStore's multiple channels sales platform.

Lalamove x EasyStore

Instant Dispatch & Delivery

Flexible delivery options such as on-demand, same-day or scheduled-in-advance orders. Also delivers to Klang Valley, Johor, and Pahang.

Fulfill with Lalamove via EasyStore

Directly fulfill orders and print Lalamove air waybill from EasyStore's admin panel.

Update tracking number directly

Update your customers with Lalamove's tracking number directly in EasyStore's admin panel

Get Started with EasyStore x Lalamove


Start selling at zero cost

S$0 / per month
Get Started
  • Free Online Store or Point of Sales
  • No Credit Card Required


Burden-free, great for beginners

S$25 / per month
Try for Free
  • Complete Integrated Payment Solution ?
    Automate online payment and offer your customers’ preferred method of payments - whether locally/international, directly through your store
  • Flexible Shipping Options ?
    Offer various shipping options (delivery, pickup, warehousing) and manage shipping region and rate based on products
  • Point of Sale ?
    Cashier on the go for in-store selling designed to keep offline and online operation in sync
  • Discounts and Vouchers
  • Online Selling Automation


Multi-channels selling made easy

S$65 / per month
Try for Free

Everything in Lite

  • Unlimited Products
  • Advanced Discount Tools ?
    • Customer Specific Discount
    • Free Gift Promotion
    • Purchase with Purchase Promotion
  • Membership Program (Coming soon)
  • Multi-Channel Management
SAVE 20%


Most popular

Get the full suite of EasyStore

S$130 / per month
Try for Free

Everything in Standard

  • Advanced Sales Channels ?
    • Referral Marketing
    • Wholesale Portal
  • Membership Tier Management (Coming soon) ?
    Create and assign members into different membership tiers for exclusive benefits
  • Shipping Profile ?
    Apply custom shipping rate based on each product type (general, fragile, chilled & frozen)
  • Broadcast Center ?
    500 free credits per month to bulk send messages via email, Messenger, SMS, LINE
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Great Features for All Plans

  • seo-friendly

    Let more customers discover your store online with SEO-friendly website builder.

  • multiple-sales-channels
    Multiple Sales Channel

    Be where your customers are by expanding your business reach across channels.

  • management-center
    Real Time Sync

    Manage everything in 1 place - order, inventory & customers are in sync across channels.

  • payment-shipping
    Payment & Shipping

    Widest payment and shipping solutions for local and international coverage.

Compare All Plans

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Try for Free
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S$ 0

S$ 25

S$ 65

S$ 130

Key Features
Location ?
Display self-pick up location
- 1 3 10
Sales Channels ?
Sell on popular social media, marketplaces and more…
1 2 7 13
User Account ?
Number of user access to EasyStore admin
- 3 6 26
Product Upload ?
Number of product listings a store can publish
50 1000
App Integration ?
Amplify and customize your business with hundred of feature extensions
2 5 25
Mobile App ?
Get more jobs done by managing your business from your mobile devices
Custom Domain ?
Waiving your first year's .COM domain upon yearly subscription
Payment and Logistic
Sales Channels
Customer Relations
Order Management
Product Management
Business Reporting
  • Setup and Design Service

    Setup and Design Service

    We provide set up and design service where you can sit back and wait for the launch.

    Know More →
  • Enterprise Solution

    Enterprise Solution

    Wish to tailor features that suit your business needs? Require a custom integration? Or need help with account set up?

    Contact Us →

Enjoy 10% bonus for first time top up with Lalamove

*Applicable for Malaysia and Taiwan Lalamove only

Terms and Conditions

  1. The EasyStore x Lalamove First Time 10% Top-Up Bonus Campaign (the “Promotion”) is provided by LALAMOVE MALAYSIA SDN BHD (COMPANY NO. 1277201-W) (“Lalamove”) and EasyStore Commerce Sdn Bhd (“EasyStore”). By participating in the Promotion by registering via this link: and/or receiving the Bonus (as defined below), this indicates you understand and agree to be bound by these Terms.
  2. You are eligible to participate in the Promotion and become an “Eligible Customer” if all of the following requirements are satisfied:
    1. You have enrolled in the Promotion through the dedicated referral page for the Promotion via this link: (“the Form”) during the Promotion Period (as defined below);
    2. You have become a registered corporate (prepaid settlement) account holder of Lalamove;
    3. You have signed up as a new merchant of EasyStore and you have been onboarded by EasyStore following satisfaction of all requirements from EasyStore during the Promotion Period;
    4. You are a company incorporated in Malaysia with a valid business registration certificate; and
    5. EasyStore and Lalamove reserve the right to refuse any Eligible Customers their participation in the Promotion for any reason and without any prior notice.
  3. If you are an Eligible Customer, you are eligible to a one-time fixed credit bonus equal to 10% of the amount first topped up, to be credited to your Lalamove corporate e-wallet account (the “Bonus”) if you successfully topped up at least RM$100 during at least one single transaction to your Lalamove corporate account (the “Transaction”).
  4. This Promotion commences on 21 March 2022 with the end date to be announced at a later date (the “Promotion Period”).
  5. If the Eligible Customer satisfies the Conditions in clause 3 of these Terms, the Bonus will be credited within 30 days immediately following the registration of your Lalamove corporate account.
  6. The relevant top-up amounts in the Lalamove account have unlimited validity from the date of the successful top-up. The Bonus is subject to applicable agreements governing your Lalamove corporate account.
  7. The relevant top-up amounts are not redeemable for cash or cash-out, for resale and no refund or exchange is permitted (except as required by applicable laws).
  8. During the Promotion Period, in case of any fraud or abuse in respect to how the Bonus is awarded, Lalamove reserves the right to debit the Bonus from the Eligible Customer’s Lalamove corporate account without prior notice.
  9. The Bonus cannot be earned in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions as may be launched by Lalamove from time to time, unless specified by Lalamove. The Bonus cannot be transferred to third parties or other accounts, or exchanged for any other gifts, returned or exchanged for other products with respect to Lalamove.
  10. EasyStore and Lalamove reserve the right to amend, and/or vary any of these Terms and any arrangement of this Promotion, limit, suspend, cancel, and/or terminate the Promotion, without notice and without any liability.
  11. In addition:
    1. General terms and conditions of Lalamove would all apply (
    2. Lalamove will process the collected data and personal information in accordance with Lalamove’s privacy policy (
    3. By participating in the Promotion, you expressly consent that any personal information that you provide, may be shared between EasyStore and Lalamove for purposes of the Promotion and all related administrative actions in connection therewith.
  12. These Terms are governed by the law of Malaysia. In case of any dispute, EasyStore and Lalamove reserve the right of final decision.
  13. For any enquiries:
    1. Related to EasyStore, please contact
    2. Related to Lalamove, please contact

Sell to Everywhere, from A Single Dashboard

  • Online Store Free

    Make your brand stand out in the digital crowd. Our easy-to-customize template turns your idea into an online store with a custom web address. EasyStore supports dozens of payment providers and methods with a multi-currency shopping cart to sell to your customers around the world.

    Find out more arrow
  • Facebook

    Allow customers to make self-purchase on Facebook. One-click builds your Facebook Shop by syncing product catalog from EasyStore. Auto-update your business with complete product information, inventory, and orders within your EasyStore dashboard.

    • Product promoter
    • One-click sync products
    Find out more arrow
  • Messenger

    EasyStore helps boost sales conversion on Messenger. You can create a menu and chatbot that auto-reply to customers first-level inquiries. With that, it simplifies their buying decision process. They can also choose to receive order confirmation via Messenger.

    • Auto reply chatbot
    • Custom menu buttons
    • Auto send order confirmation
    • Show featured products on Messenger
    Find out more arrow
  • Facebook Live

    Instantly accept more orders during your Facebook Live stream. Your customers will receive a purchase link via Messenger once they comment on your Live. EasyStore will collect orders in the backend and retrieve the order details for you. Every sold item will be reflected in your inventory.

    • Auto-record order details
    • Instant send purchase link
    • Promote products on the spot
    • Auto-update product availability
    Find out more arrow
  • Google Shopping

    Reach potential customers that may look at your competitors. Google Shopping in EasyStore is built to speed up your Google ads setup process. One-click to sync your product catalog to Google Merchant Center, instead of doing it separately. You can track your product approval status in EasyStore anytime.

    • One-click sync products
    • Track products approval status
    Find out more arrow
  • Instagram

    Get discovered by Instagram shoppers who are searching similar products. EasyStore Facebook Marketing helps to speed up the process of enabling Instagram Shopping. Tag your products to create shoppable posts and stories. How to skip the lengthy verification process? Use our Bio Shop to instantly create an Instagram alike store.

    • Direct checkout button
    • Instagram alike store - Bio Shop
    • Shoppable posts with Instagram Shopping
    Find out more arrow
  • WhatsApp

    Convert your WhatsApp conversation into sales. EasyStore WhatsApp Order Form helps to collect payment and gather customer details. It is a secured form that shows your products' name, price, and photos. The familiarities of WhatsApp interface encourages your customers to buy the products straight away.

    • WhatsApp alike order form
    • Checkout within WhatsApp
    • Options to chat or direct purchase
    • Auto-collect payment and customer details
    Find out more arrow
  • LINE

    Take your sales conversion from LINE chatroom. Let customers view your products in a chat through EasyStore LINE Order Form is a secured form that shows your products' name, price, and photos to reduce the time-consuming shopping procedure without having to visit a separate website.

    • LINE alike order form
    • Checkout within LINE
    • Options to chat or direct purchase
    • Auto-collect payment and customer details
    Find out more arrow
  • WeChat

    Attract more customers on WeChat moment. Share your EasyStore WeChat Order Form on the moment to encourage your customers to buy the products straight away. It shows your products' name, price, and photos to let them browse and shop your products without leaving WeChat.

    • WeChat alike order form
    • Checkout within WeChat
    • Options to chat or direct purchase
    • Auto-collect payment and customer details
    Find out more arrow
  • Telegram

    Speed up your sales conversion on Telegram messenger. EasyStore Telegram Order Form equipped with sales order processing automation, complimented automated data and payment collection that enhanced customers' checkout experience.

    • Telegram like order form
    • Checkout within Telegram
    • Options to chat or direct purchase
    • Auto-collect payment and customer details
    Find out more arrow
  • Shopee

    You can sell more than Shopee on multiple sales channels. We provide centralized management of order, product, and inventory for Shopee and other selling channels. You can set a different selling price to sell on Shopee. Utilize our bulk action on order fulfilment and airway bills printing.

    • Set different selling price
    • Bulk fulfill orders
    • Sync products, orders, inventories, and customers information
    Find out more arrow
  • Lazada

    You can sell more than Lazada on multiple sales channels. EasyStore supports syncing products and adjusting different selling price on Lazada. We centralize your order, product, and inventory management for Lazada and other sales channels. You can bulk fulfil orders and print airway bills.

    • Bulk fulfill orders
    • Set different selling price
    • Sync products, orders, inventories, and customers information
    Find out more arrow
  • TikTok

    Convert traffic from one of the world most popular apps into sales and reach highly targeted customers via TikTok Shop.

    • Real-time synchronization
    • Unify product inventory
    • Centralize order management
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  • 91APP

    A premium sales channel that enables you to unlock the Online-Merge-Offline Retailing journey to seamlessly connect with customers. With this channel, you can have your customized mobile app, AWD ecommerce website, powerful OMO membership program.

    • Self-branding mobile app
    • OMO membership program
    • AWD (Adaptive web design) ecommerce website
    Find out more arrow
  • Point of Sale

    Allow your business to accept orders anywhere with EasyStore POS. It is a native mobile application that record customers' data, order details, and product inventory across all selling channels. You can easily find a product by scanning the barcode and print receipts through Bluetooth connection.

    • Mobile native app
    • Sync online and offline sales
    • Scan barcode with mobile camera
    • Support Bluetooth receipt printing
    Find out more arrow
  • Wholesale Portal

    Let your business welcome large order volume customers. EasyStore Wholesale Portal is a password-protected portal which only accessible by invited customers. You can customize different price list that tailored to your different customer groups.

    • Custom price lists
    • Password-protected
    • Bulk purchasing portal
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Online Store
Facebook Live
Google Shopping
Point of Sale
Wholesale Portal

How EasyStore Helps Your Business

  • Manage everything in one place

    We provide a centralized platform for you to simplify daily operations such as managing orders, inventories and customer information across all sales channels.

  • Real-time sync across all channels

    All of the important information such as products, inventories, orders and customer information is auto-updated in each selling channel.

  • Run your own marketing promotion

    The flexibility of using our promotional tools helps strengthen the result of your marketing campaign to increase sales conversion.

  • Accept local and worldwide payments

    We work with 40+ local and international payment solutions to help you accept online payment easily from everywhere you sell.

  • Ship local and international orders

    We worked with various logistic partners to help your business expand delivery coverage area around the world.

  • All sales channels reports

    We provide key business reports for every sales channel to help you optimize the marketing resources allocation and improve your campaign performance.

What our merchants say

  • "With the help of EasyStore, I no need to work 12 hours a day, it synced my products to Lazada & Shopee without double work needed."

    Zeez x EasyStore Zlera Zain
  • "By syncing my products to Shopee via EasyStore, I save my time and become more efficient in managing my product between both these platforms."

    the pastels shop x EasyStore Sarini Zainal Abidin
  • "EasyStore's marketplace integration saves my time to sync my products to different marketplaces. I do not need to double key in the details. Most importantly, my sales grow too."

    UPLUCK BABY x EasyStore Nabilah Ali

Our merchants made
437,915,000 SGD in sales

Be inspired, and inspire others

What They Say About EasyStore

  • byeggs-logo.png

    “We love EasyStore for its intuitive back-end interface and easy-to-use design templates. We get quick responses from the support and service team on any queries or issues encountered. They are also able to facilitate linkage to various payment gateway providers seamlessly. Looking forward to more exciting updates and features from the team!”

  • jobbie-logo.png

    “After using EasyStore, sales is more stable. We are even able to sell to oversea customer which is an added bonus! Best of all EasyStore provides all the most essential apps to make everything so so so easy!”

  • langit-logo.png

    “When we first started, we just want a digital presence so that people can find us online. As we do not have a lot of physical retail partners, we thought that we can try to reach those who are already online. We did a bit of research here and there, and it seems that EasyStore fit our needs. It is simple enough to use, and affordable too.”

Start selling online for free

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