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TikTok Shop

Developed by EasyStore

Promote your brand in TikTok, and get your products in front of new eyes

TikTok has been downloaded over three billion times, which made TikTok a go-to consumer discovery tools for business over the recent years.

Hence, TikTok Shop is now launched to bring in-app shopping experience and streamlined product discovery to the platform, allowing businesses to promote and sell products on the platform.

About TikTok Shop

This app allows you to now connect your product catalogue to display them on your profile and tag products on videos. With TikTok Shop, your followers get to browse through your products with name, description, variants, price and a direct link to checkout.


Not only product catalogue clone, you able to unify your product inventory across platforms

  • Real-time synchronization: Immediately sync on add product, edit product.
  • Unify product inventory: Product sold on any sales channel connected to EasyStore will immediately reflect on the inventory count
  • Auto delete product: Auto delete product on TikTok if product is deleted on EasyStore.