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Product Description Tabs

Developed by EasyStore

Customize your product descriptions in a few clicks away. 只需點擊幾下即可自定義您的產品描述。

How to configure?

It is easily configured to recognise any Heading in your product description as tab header. 

All the text till the next heading will be considered as the tab content.


  • You can customise to your own tabs. Change your preferred text color and background color at setting.
  • It is mobile friendly and completely responsive! 
  • Organize and separate product description by tabs
  • Improve your store user interface / user experience



  • 你可設定變更您喜歡的文字顏色和背景顏色。
  • 手機介面友好,響應式設計
  • 透過頁簽顯示產品描述
  • 改善您的商店使用者介面/使用者體驗