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BuyNow button 立即購買

Developed by EasyStore

The Buy Now button allows your customers to buy your product straight from the product page instead of add to cart page.

Customers will usually go through the cart page before they check out, and this normality has increase the time to check out which will lead to low conversion rate.

Therefore, we have come with the Buy Now button. As it will be shown on your product page, it allows your customers to skip the cart page and direct them right to your checkout page.

This app will help you enhance your customer's experience as it saves up an extra step in the buying process, and also increase your website's conversion.

Here's how it helps:

  1. We've done all the hard work for you. To install this app, all you need to do is just one click.
  2. We provide customization function. You can create your own button text and colors which fits to your theme.
  3. During setup, you will be able to preview your settings before you go live to your visitors.




1. 無需複雜的過程,您如果想要安裝此擴充程序,只需輕輕一點,即可安裝完成,簡易使用。
2. 提供自定義修改功能。您可以客制化屬於自己的按鈕文本以及顏色,讓此功能更貼近您的業務。
3. 在進行設置期間,您可以隨時預覽您的設計,確保完全貼合您的要求。