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Announcement Bar

Developed by EasyStore

An announcement bar that displays custom promotions or store updates to gain visibility on your important messages. 公告欄

An effective way to let your website introduce the buyers there’s a promotion or a discount offer running in the store. A live countdown timer is now added to create urgency for the shoppers on your special events when landed at your store.

  • Drive awareness of a deal or promotion: Always keeping them informed of your business update, store promotions, key announcements that might match their interest.

  • Simple setup: Never ask you to edit template files. Install and create the content. Adjust the preferred colors and save them. It’s ready to display.

  • Increased customer engagement: Connect your store audience directly with personalized content in the announcement bar by highlighting your prepared events.


  • 提高對促銷優惠的關注度:保持讓客戶了解您的業務更新、商店促銷以及可能符合他們興趣的重要公告。 
  • 簡單的設置:絕對不會要求您編輯模板文件,只要安裝並創建內容、調整您喜愛的顏色並保存,即可開始顯示。 
  • 提高客戶參與度:通過您準備強打的活動,將商店顧客直接與公告欄中的個性化內容連結起來。