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Benefit of StoreYa

  • Increase engagement and conversions across social networks, mobile & online stores through
  1. Traffic Booster
  2. Coupon and Exit Pop-Ups
  3. Referral Program Contact Form

and more

  • By integrating EasyStore, you are able to install and manage all of your marketing activities from one place / one account / one dashboard / one customer support / one invoice.


Get targeted traffic - Their team of marketing experts will create personalized campaigns on the largest ad networks to drive traffic to your online store.

Boost your online sales - Increase your conversion rate by popping up coupons & special offers to your visitors in return for their email.

New revenue channels - Sell directly on Facebook and turn your fans and their friends into customers.

Cart abandonment - Their Exit-intent technology will ‘catch’ abandoning visitors at the exact moment and turn them into paying customers.

Acquire new customers - Your customers love your online store. Get their friends to love it too. Launch a powerful referral program in seconds.

StoreYa 是怎麼幫到您的? 


(i) 流量助推器

(ii) 優惠券和彈跳視窗

(iii) 推廣行銷聯絡表單


  • 透過EasyStore串接StoreYa,您可以從一個平台/一個帳戶/一個管理後台/一位客服/一張發票來安裝與管理您的所有行銷活動。


獲得更有價值的流量 - 他們的行銷專家團隊將在最大的廣告網絡上創建個人化的廣告活動系列,為您的品牌官網帶來流量。

提高您的網店銷售額 - 透過向您的網店瀏覽者彈出帶有優惠券和特別優惠的視窗,讓您從中獲取他們的電郵地址讓他們回頭購買,從而提高轉化率。

全新的收入管道- 直接在 Facebook上銷售,將您的追蹤者和他們的親朋好友轉化為客戶。

跑單召回 - 一旦檢測到了客戶的離開意圖,StoreYa將在準確的時刻“抓住”即將離開的目標客戶,並將他們轉化為付費客戶。

獲取更多的新客戶 - 如果您的客戶喜歡在您的官網中,那您還能夠讓他們將商品推廣給親朋好友,在幾秒鐘內啟動推薦行銷,為品牌塑造好口碑!