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OnVoard Reviews

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Turn customer voice into marketing engine.

Turn Customer Voice into Marketing Engine

Inspired by how top ecommerce sites showcase their reviews, our reviews widget provides a clean and intuitive user interface to help you sell more with product reviews.

Reviews Widget

Use editor to customize styles for reviews widget.

Reviews Management

View and manage all your reviews within console.

Fully automate reviews collection process

We don't just send a single review request email and call it a day. Using OnVoard's Reviews tool gives you the power to fully automate:

  • Sending review request emails after customer purchase.
  • Following up with reminder emails if the user didn't leave a review.
  • Responding with a discount coupon if user leaves a review.
  • Notifying reviewers when their review has been responded by admin.

You'll also get in-depth email performance stats for metrics like delivery, open, click, and bounce rates.

Key Features

  • Style editor allowing you to customize styles and text for widgets
  • Collect photo and video reviews
  • Collect site-level reviews
  • Reviews collector page that supports custom branded url like "submit-reviews.yourdomain.com"
  • Reviews widget
  • Star rating widget
  • Detailed analytics for emails
  • Mobile optimized
  • Translate widget to any languages.
  • No powered by message

Recently Added Features

  • OnVoard Reviews now supports full language customizations. You can now translate widget to any languages, even Na'vi!

Demo Store

Go to Demo Store and to see examples for reviews widget and star rating.

How to Get Started?

  1. Click "Install this app" button.
  2. Follow setup guide for this app.

Pricing Details

Start with 14 days free trial. See pricing page.