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Easy to use web-based email marketing software. Send email newsletters, manage subscribers, track and analyse results.

MailerLite is easy to use a web-based email marketing software. After integrating with EasyStore, you are able to create and send email newsletters, manage subscribers, track and analyze results.

Getting started is easy!

  1. Sign up a free account or Login into your MailerLite account.
  2. Create a list for your subscribers.
  3. Get your API key (Go to Profile Menu > Integration > Developer API > API Key) and confirm the API Key.
  4. Select list and update your subscriber email into the list.
  5. You're done!

Features of MailerLite 

  1. Create Amazing Campaigns
  • Mobile-Friendly Newsletters
    • More than 20% of all newsletter subscribers read emails with their mobile devices. Fact! MailerLite is one of the first Email Marketing Services with mobile-friendly email newsletter templates which are totally responsive. The results look fantastic, even on small screens.

  • File Manager
    • Managing your files when creating email campaigns can be difficult. Our file manager makes the whole process a breeze.

  • Free newsletter design templates
    • We offer a range of pre-designed email templates to help you deliver the best-looking content.

  1. Grow Your Subscriber List
  • Subscriber Management

Get organized! Upload your subscribers and let us handle the rest - unsubscribes, bounces, and more.

  1. Track Your Results
  • Email Newsletter Reports
    •  Your Small Business Email Newsletter Statistics

  • Click Maps
    • Track what your audience is interested in. Do they tend to click on pictures more than buttons? Click map allows you to gain insight into how your audience is interacting.

  • Campaign Reports
    • Track everything: opens, clicks, unsubscribes, spam complaints, bounces, link activity, reading environment, and much more with our reports.

  1. Automate Your Email Marketing
  • Email Autoresponders - Create and schedule automated emails
    • You can use MailerLite to create and schedule automated emails like welcome messages, reminders, birthday greetings, and other date-based campaigns. Send single emails or a sequence over time.

  • RSS to Email
    • Automatically send new blog posts to your subscribers.

  • Auto Resend
    • Increase your open rate by 30% by automatically resending your campaign to those recipients who didn’t open your first campaign or didn’t click any link.

  • A/B Testing
    • Create and schedule automated emails like welcome messages, birthday greetings, and other date-based campaigns.

Other unique Benefits

  • Drag-and-drop Newsletter Editor
  • Built-in photo editing
  • Subscriber Management
  • Track Newsletter Results
  • Webforms for your website
  • Email Autoresponders
  • Once connect your MailerLite account with EasyStore, all your customer's details will be auto sync to Mailerlite



  1. 註冊 一個免費帳戶或 登入 到您的 MailerLite 帳戶。
  2. 為您的訂閱者創建一個列表。
  3. 獲取您的 API Key(轉到 Profile Menu > Integration > Developer API > API Key )並確認 API Key。
  4. 選擇列表並將您的訂閱者電子郵件同步到MailerLite的列表中。
  5. 全部完成!



  1. 建立
  • 良好的瀏覽體驗
    • 研究顯示,有超過 20% 的訂閱者使用他們的行動設備去閱讀電子郵件。實際上,MailerLite 是首批電子郵件行銷服務之一,具有行動裝置瀏覽體驗良好電子郵件通訊模板,即使在小屏幕上也能提供您的客戶良好的閱讀體驗。

  • 文件管理器
    • 在創建電子郵件活動時,要管理文件會顯得複雜又困難,MailerLite的文件管理器能使整個過程變得輕鬆又快速,誰都能輕易上手。

  • 免費模板
    • MailerLite提供了一系列預先設計的電子郵件模板,以提供您更加滿意的郵件。


  • 管理訂閱者
    • 上載您的所有訂閱者,接下來就讓我們替您處理剩下的事情,如退訂、退回等。


  • 電子郵件通訊報告 
    • 統計您的企業電子郵件通訊

  • 直接點擊地圖
    • 追蹤並預測您的受眾對什麼感興趣,例如了解他們是否更傾向於點擊圖片而不是按鈕,讓您更深入了解訂閱者的互動方式。

  • 郵件成果報告
    • 透過我們的郵件報告,您可以追蹤下列所有內容:打開、點擊、取消訂閱、垃圾郵件投訴、退回、等等。


  • 電子郵件自動回复功能 - 創立和安排自動電子郵件
    • 您可以使用 MailerLite創立和安排自動電子郵件,例如歡迎消息、提醒、生日問候和其他需要日期排程的活動。隨著時間的推移發送單封電子郵件或序列。

  • RSS 到電子郵件
    • 自動向您的訂閱者發送新的部落格文章。

  • 自動重發郵件
    • 透過自動將您的行銷活動重新發送給那些沒有打開您的第一封行銷郵件或是其他沒點擊過郵件內連結的收件人,將您的郵件打開率提高30%。

  • A/B 測試
    • 創建和安排自動發送電子郵件,如歡迎郵件、生日祝福和其他需要排程日期的活動。


  • 拖拽式格式編輯器
  • 內置照片編輯器
  • 訂戶管理
  • 跟踪通訊結果
  • 您官網的網路表單
  • 電子郵件自動回复