They're Breaking Distance Barrier in the Digital Age

By Yavini Lucille · 24th June, 2020

It’s not a secret that the cosmetic industry is a competitive industry. However, it never stops Adlina from Velvet Vanity to jump into the so-called red ocean to spread her wings making dreams come true. 

Begin with no halo effect like famous celebrity Kylie Jenner, for Velvet Vanity, one of the survival tips is to be actively engaged in social media. Getting closer with younger generations who are the age that put much effort into their outward appearance. (Ya, of course, some are no.)

As time flies, the industry evolved dramatically as consumer behavior changed. As a cosmetic business owner, do you know they think and how you can meet their needs?

Talk About Us? Yes, We Want It More

Glossy Glo Lip Oil, Super Slim Stick in Muhney Honey, and Liquid Matte Lipstick in Baewatch are chosen as the brand top three products where they are the best sellers as well.

When introducing the top three products from the brand, it’s not difficult to know that they shared the same characteristic unintentionally. Other than having high demand from customers, these three products marked the hottest online presence in the brand.

Positive and honest feedback on the product spread digitally and it grabs the attention from other levels of the audience by turning them into their actual customers. Other than product quality, we can observe that a strong brand reputation made up of the powerful word of mouth.

How to Survive in Covid-19? Depends on your Online Presence

Even though the announcement of the Movement Control Order has restricted our movement, it never limits Adline and her team to bring the best product and service by meeting their demands and expectations.

As they could see the result from social media, Velvet Vanity team takes much effort into social media marketing by having discussions internally every month. From curating, creating to publishing, the team will exchange views on all digital content to ensure the content aligned with the pre-arranged monthly marketing plans.

Velvet Vanity has successfully launched its brand new product, lip oil, from a fresh new product category. Despite the pandemic, lip oil received hot responses from shoppers ever since its launch. What kind of potion was made that able to raise the shopping desire for the new launch?

Launching Day, The Start of The War

This time, instead of expanding its offerings by adding the existing product line, the brand chose to launch lip oil which different from the previous product line.

Continuously producing the social media post about the new product, it’s not an easy job. Prior to a product launch, a series of teasers will be released like how Hollywood films promote their new movies to the audience. Digital marketing is the priority to focus on this phase.

The content plays an important role to spark the desire among the brand community to put it in their online shopping cart. Product type, eye-catching packaging, as well as the dazzling colors are the must-have in the teasers. On top of that, a good price point or a deal is one of the major factors to attract customers to purchase it on the launch day.

Influencer marketing is used especially on Instagram.

Jumping to Influencers

Do they face any challenge during the Movement Control Order? Yes, they did. In the past, the brand enthusiastically communicated with offline customers by organizing the seasonal pop-up store. As the virus quickly spread across the globe, Velvet Vanity was not allowed to have the pop-up stores for Hari Raya this year.

Fortunately, the team is getting a huge engagement return from Instagram that works as the main marketing tool in spreading the digital content. In order to form a stronger brand community, not only obsess with social media, influencer marketing is another approach that should be explored.

Using influencer marketing allows you to overcome the distance barrier. People often feel negative when marketers from the brand keep introducing their products. Collaborating with online influencers will improve the brand and launch awareness from what the team has monitored. Recommendations from them serve as social proof to potential customers as well.

3 Tools that Running on the Site

Marketing tool in EasyStore can add different types of promotions like free gifts, vouchers, reward credit. It works effectively to drive more sales, especially on their slow-moving products.

Sales Tracking contributes a huge part to monitor total sales of the business with upgraded analytics in EasyStore. Every single sale decides the next step of the brand in shaping their business strategy.

Sometimes, their customers forget to proceed to the payment section after adding products into the shopping cart. No need to spend time chasing for it. Just turn on the auto-recovery abandoned cart with an automated payment reminder.


It was a delight learning from Adlina and her team to share some ins and outs from the brand. Success varies between brands so don’t give up if your previous one is a failure. Take their experiences and use it on you!

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