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Developed by Novochat

Send WhatsApp messages in bulk + Chat widget (WhatsApp, LINE, Messenger) for your store

NovoChat is customer engagement on steroids - connect with your audience on WhatsApp, Messenger, and more.

Broadcast notifications on WhatsApp & Messenger 

Send mass WhatsApp & Messenger messages to your customers. 

Keep them coming back with updates, promotions and more. 

  • Sky-high open & reply rates compared to emails or SMS.  

Send personalized messages at scale 

Communicate with leads 1-on-1 by personalizing your broadcast messages. 

  • Add custom placeholders
  • Add dynamic links (coming soon!)

WhatsApp & Messenger Inbox for Teams 

Instead of toggling through different messaging apps, you'll just need to chat in NovoChat's inbox. We aggregate every message for you, while allowing your customers to chat with their preferred apps.

  • Reassign conversations to different reps
  • Resolve closed conversations/tickets

Capture website leads and turn them into conversations 

Chat widget that converts your web visitors to conversations on WhatsApp and Messenger. 

Provide prompt replies, have 1-on-1 conversations, and create sales opportunities.