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What is MailChimp? 

Mailchimp is a powerful tool that allows you to blast email to your customer with just one click. Besides that, it is also a tool that you can use to create and manage mailing lists and newsletters, and the best thing is its suit for every business.

  • Marketing automation - You can send Marketing emails, Automated messages, and Targeted campaigns to hundreds or thousands of recipients all at once

  • Email Designs and Templates - It comes with a wide variety of pre-designed campaign templates, you just need to choose the template that suits you, and you are good to go.

  • Drag And Drop Design-Builder - Pre‑designed templates and the drag‑and‑drop builder makes creating relevant and engaging emails easier.

  • Customer Sync - Allow you to sync your customer from EasyStore to MailChimp just by one click

  • Real‑time Analytics - Keep tabs on your campaigns to quickly identify which campaign performing better. You will also have the option to check how many people have open your emails and how many people are unsubscribing.

  • Social Media - Connect and manage your social media with just by one click, and it allows you to spread your campaigns message allow you to drive more traffic to your website.


Mailchimp 是一個強大的電子郵件行銷工具,讓您只需單擊一下即可輕鬆將電子郵件發送給您的客戶。除此之外,Mailchimp還是一個可以用來創建和管理郵件列表和新聞通訊的工具,並且適用於所有類別的企業。

  • 行銷自動化 - 您可以一次向成百上千的收件人發送電子郵件行銷、自動發送消息和具有針對性受眾的行銷活動

  • 電子郵件設計和模板 - Mailchimp帶有各種預先設計好的的電子郵件模板,只需選擇適合您的模板,您就可以開始設計客製化的電子郵件了

  • 拖拽設計功能 - 預先設計的模板和拖拽功能使您在創建引人入勝的電子郵件將會更加容易

  • 同步客戶資訊 - 允許您一鍵將您的客戶從 EasyStore 同步到 MailChimp

  • 實時分析 - 持續追蹤您的廣告活動並快速識別哪個廣告系列效果更好,您還可以選擇查看有多少人打開了您的電子郵件以及有多少人在此取消了訂閱

  • 社交媒體 - 一鍵連結和管理您的社交媒體,您能夠開始推廣您的活動資訊,藉此為官網帶來更多流量