How She Successfully Distribute Taiwan's Skincare Brands To Malaysia and Singapore

By Eric Lian · 11th September, 2019

We have always wanted the best product from the best sellers. And very often we search through the best products that are the most suitable for us in the market, but not the most suitable for ourselves. 

This is specifically true for skincare products. Living in regions like Malaysia and Singapore which are 365 days hot, skin protection will always be one of the main concerns for women. Due to this, the skincare industry has turned into a Red Ocean industry.

However, there will always be someone there to beat the odds. Peh Wen, the founder of W.SHOW MY has shown that building a strong bond with their customers is one of the causes of their success. 

Let’s dive in and see what is the story behind the success.

1. Can you tell us about yourself/founder and how did your brand come about?  

I am Peh Wen, founder of W.SHOW MY. We are the sole distributor of Taiwan skincare brand, W.SHOW in Malaysia and Singapore. W.SHOW skincare product is made in Taiwan and they have their own strong R&D Team to develop more skincare products. The main patented ingredient in W.SHOW is y-PGA (Gamma-Poly-Glutamic Acid) which is a natural multi-functional and biodegradable biopolymer, produced through fermentation by Bacillus subtilis (Mucilage Natto). The moisturizing effect is 9.8 times higher than Hyaluronic acid which can be generally found in the skincare market. 

Moreover, the benefits of y-PGA are:

•Deep hydrating by penetrating to the skin's deepest layers 

•Enhances capturing and retaining moisture - keeps moisture longer in the skin

•More hydrating than Hyaluronic acid and more elastic than Collagen

•Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and smoothens wrinkles 

•Increases NMF (natural moisturizing factor) of the skin

•Brightens skin

•Increases Hyaluronic acid of the skin

•Biodegradable- Environment-friendly  

2. Can you tell us what inspired you/founder to start this business?

We saw the opportunity in this market that not only women but also men are in need of good skincare products to maintain their skin regimes. And we started selling online with W.SHOW skincare products in Malaysia and Singapore because the texture is really refreshing and not sticky which is perfect for our skin in Southeast Asia. 

3. Before entering into the Ecommerce scene, what was the formal occupation?

I was a full-time mother of two children. As a stay-at-home mom,  I got no time to maintain my skin daily. Therefore, my skin begin to age very fast. The most obvious sign was when the wrinkles appeared around my eyes and the skin was dry and started to peel. Luckily, I found this skincare called W.SHOW from Taiwan and overcome most of my skin aging and dehydrating problems. And everything just started from there until today. 

4. What was the most memorable experience that you had so far in your business?

During this period, we are occasionally invited to attend several new product release event and conference in Taiwan. From there, we learned a lot about the skincare industry and also brand management strategy in Taiwan which helps in our branding marketing in Malaysia and Singapore. With the knowledge gained from Taiwan, we will grow from there to better serve our customers group with our products and services.

5. Are there any challenges throughout the journey? And how do you overcome it?

The skincare industry is a very competitive industry. You can see hundreds of different skincare brands, selling in various business models, offline and online. One of the successful ways of how we get ahead of our competitors is to always build a bond with our customers by sharing a lot of true user’s experiences with our audiences. This way, we are able to build not only a bond but a strong relationship with our customers with trust. 

6. Why do you choose EasyStore?

Easystore is a stable and user-friendly e-commerce tool in Malaysia. We are especially fond of the stability of EasyStore because it never fails us during our flash deals period. The stability of the system server is really amazing. 

7. What is the aim or goal for your brand in the future?

We are aiming to introduce W.SHOW all over Malaysia and Singapore and help women to overcome skincare problem throughout daily skincare process.

8. What is the Key info W.SHOW wants to bring to Malaysia’s consumer?

TOP rank products in KOREA , JAPAN , US or CHINA may not fit with Malaysia & Singapore region due to weather conditions. 

But that does not mean Malaysia and Singapore are unable to enjoy the same benefit. 

To make sure that Malaysia and Singapore can receive the same top rank products as other countries, W.SHOW has tailored our products that is particularly 100% suitable for Malaysia & Singapore region’s needs which will keep your skin comfortable and stay highly hydrated even in this kind of hot weather throughout the days.


A business that focuses on customers will not stir far from getting their goals. Click on the links below to reach their website and social media page right now! 



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