Grow your sales profits by using reward credit, sales promo and coupon discount

Powerful promotion module

A set of powerful features ready for sellers to create the different type of attractions for customers to buy more. As we know, people love to buy when receiving some rewards.

Reward credit

Reward credit is a form of virtual money that can be used for purchasing in a store. Sellers are able to give out cash credit to their customers. This encourage them to return to your online store.

Sale promo

Sale promo allows you to set the certain percentage or cash amount as promotion rate for the selected product categories. It helps on running any sale campaign in the period of time from your online store.

Coupon discount

Coupon discount is a feature to generate the specific discount code with the discount rate or percentage. Sellers can give it to targeted customers to push them buy more.

How promotion module help grow your monthly sales?


Reward credit

Build customer loyalty base with credit

Sellers able to reward customer with credit upon their purchase amount. Based on credit rate setting, customer will receive credit amount that can be accumulate up and use the credit for their future purchase.

Retain your customer with credit when refund

Besides giving out credit upon customer purchase, credits can be a form of money refund to your customer. This will indirectly to encourage them to spend the balance amount from your online store.


Sale promo

Create your own sale promo events

Sellers can run any sale campaign by designing promotion rate for the customers during the promotion period. It definitely will increase the visitors traffic to your online store and boost more sales.

Use the sale promo to clear your stocks

Beside of sale events, Sellers also can use this feature to run the sale promo for last stock products. It will help different group of customers to take buying actions and also solving the stock problem for sellers.


Coupon discount

Exclusive discounts for selected customers

Sellers might wish to give out the exclusive discounts rate for only selected customers, it can be applied by generating the specific discount code for them. Sellers have no concerns about this will affected the normal rate.

Show your caring and recover your services

The special discount is to let your loyal customers feel be cared and also recover back your services by giving the discount if needed.


Using EasyStore’s promotion module makes running our store with different promotion activities, especially it help on our sales revenue when launching some special discounts in season sale. Besides that, reward credit is also a power tools for me to engage my customers deeper.

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