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Ignite the joy of shopping anytime

Transform every moment into a chance for discovery, whether it's from an office desk, the comfort of a sofa, or while waiting for friends at a coffee shop. Allow customers to dive into their shopping desires from any setting, offering them the flexibility to shop via your website or mobile app.

Branded Online Store
Optimized for search engine discovery, your online store blends the thrill of exploration with shopping convenience, making it your brand's primary online channel.
Mobile Shopping App
A pocket-sized portal to endless discovery, the mobile app keeps customers engaged longer, always signed-on for instant access to your brand and products at their fingertips.
Cross-Device Shopping
Customers start the shopping journey on one device and pick up right where they left off on another, ensuring the exploration never misses a beat.

Easing barriers for a better experience

In a world where every click matters, imagine a space where barriers are minimized, sparking impulsive shopping desires. By focusing on convenience and peace of mind, we pave the way for an effortless shopping experience that encourages loyalty and repeat visits.

Phone or Email Sign-In Options
By prioritizing phone-based access and still accommodating email, we tailor the sign-in process to today's customer preferences for convenience and flexibility.
Passwordless Access
Forget the hassle of remembering passwords. Our platform uses OTP verification for instant and secure account access, easing common customer login anxieties and frustrations.
Effortless Repeat Purchases
Customers can swiftly repurchase their favorite items with pre-filled shopping details, bypassing the need for redundant searches and repetitive processes.

Relationships start with recognition

Every interaction through EasyStore is an opportunity to show your customers they're not just numbers; they're part of your story. The platform enables personalization that mirrors the warmth of a local store merchant, recognizing and valuing each customer.

Customer-Centric POS
Quickly recognize returning customers with the POS system, access their online and offline shopping habits to provide personalized service, making every visit a warm welcome.
Easy Walk-Ins Registration
Instantly onboard walk-in customers via phone number, creating opportunities for future engagement. This easy registration simplifies acquisition and builds lasting relationships.
Digital Membership Card
Puts your brand's value at customers' fingertips—wallet forgotten, but loyalty remembered. Customizable design reflects your brand identity, enhancing the customer experience and sense of belonging.

Satisfaction blooms from choices

EasyStore places the power of choice in your customers' hands by offering personalized experiences that respect their unique preferences and needs. From the flexibility "Buy Online, Pickup In-Store" to convenience of "Buy In-Store, Ship To Home", we ensure that every aspect of the shopping journey is tailored to fit their lifestyle needs.

Flexible Delivery Methods
Some customers appreciate the convenience and surprise of shipping, while others prefer pickup to save on shipping fees or align with their schedules. Attention to these details can significantly impact customer satisfaction and retention.
Preferred Payment Options
Making a payment is the final step in the customer's decision-making process. Whether it's credit/debit cards, eWallets, or cash on delivery, giving customers the freedom to choose their preferred payment methods can reduce dropout rates.
Installment and BNPL
By offering installment or Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment options, you can lower the financial threshold for customers, making it easier for them to afford shopping from their favorite brands.

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