5 Tips To Get More Raya Sales During The Pandemic

By Eric Lian · 20th April, 2021

The Raya Season is one that sellers can not neglect. With the Ramadan ambiance going on for weeks now, we have seen businesses setting up different campaigns and promotions that is related to the Ramadan and Raya season. And that is when your customers are looking for the best price during this holy month too. 

Besides, with the high adoption of ecommerce due to pandemic in 2020 in Malaysia, we have seen a significant increase in online sales throughout the year. Many sellers like  Little Miss Granola and Ding Ding Go have since been moving online as well.  And we can definitely say the same for this year as well. 

Talking (writing in this sense) about making sales for businesses is pretty easy. However, many sellers still don't have a very clear direction or are having misconceptions on how to actually do it, or worse, how to even START. 

And that is the particular reason why I am writing this blog. Let's explore the 5 easy tips you can sell better for Raya during this pandemic. 

1. Offer Hari Raya Discount

I bet you see this coming, because why not? A Hari Raya sale event is what most of us are expecting anyway. Coming out with a Raya campaign might need a longer plan to implement. Sales, on the other hand, are much faster to implement. Why? 

With EasyStore's promotional tools, you can easily achieve any promotional method you want. For example, limited-time promotion for Raya only. Or you can just prompt the first purchase with a general RM 10 off. 

Besides, you can also send Raya Sales message through Broadcast Center via SMS, email, Messenger, LINE. With a little personalized touch on the message, your customers will be more willing to buy from you.

2. Use Seasonal Keywords 

Use keywords such as 'Ramadan', 'Bazaar', 'Puasa', 'Baju Kurung', 'Muslimah' that resonate with the theme of the holy month could greatly target potential customers who are searching for them. When you have successfully brought traffics to your store, you do not want them to leave without buying something from you. 

When a customer-centric shopping experience is in place, you do not need to worry about your customers bouncing out from your online business. And that is why you will need your personalized online store to do that. 

3. Extend Shopping Time

During the holy month, you can take advantage of your business operation time. You can still provide online service in the evening until the morning (after suhur). This is even better if you have the process automated with a 24/7 chatbot that gives you a helping hand to auto-reply customers' first-level of inquiries. This simplifies your customer's buying decision process. Order confirmation can be sent through email or Facebook messenger too. 

4. Launch Hari Raya's Gift

Product bundling strategy always succeeds in influencing customers’ buying decisions, because there will always be customers who are short on time, especially when it comes to sending gifts. Have a look at how Ding Ding Go bundle like a boss!

5. The Best Time to Start, is Now! 

To start early is the best tip of all. You want to start your Hari Raya campaign as early as possible to capture the attention of your audience. By doing that, you have placed a distinct idea of what you are offering in their minds. And when the time comes, the first that pop up from their mind is your brand.

And we do facilitate this for you. You can actually set up the fastest way possible to sell online via our WhatsApp Order Form. With your products ready, you can practically start selling in just a matter of minutes!

Every business is encouraged to expand. That being said, selling in multiple sales channels helps you to greatly expand your reach to every potential customer. While you are selling at various popular sales channels such as Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, we help to automate your management on orders, customer details, products, and inventory. 

Taking the festive season to your business advantage is what brings more sales. The tips I have shared will definitely help in providing some help for you to kick-start your plannings and strategize for the upcoming Hari Raya. 

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