You Won't Lost Track of Selling Online with Refreshed Facebook Features

By Yavini Lucille · 29th July, 2020

As the largest social media platform in the world, it has become imminent that businesses will go online with Facebook as the first choice. I mean, who would waste the chance of reaching a potential 2 billion active users that could possibly turn into your customers?

A place for your customers to directly shop from you. That’s what Facebook Page Shop is all about. Facebook Page Shop allows you to feature your products on your own Facebook page and allow your followers, visitors to purchase directly from you. 

With that said, it doesn’t seem one bit of a loss to you to leverage on all of the tools that Facebook has got for you, and most of them are FREE! Besides, you can literally bring your Ecommerce business to the next level with the power of Facebook to drive traffic to your business, and by using this integrated feature - Facebook Marketing.

How Facebook Marketing Works in EasyStore

In the previous blog post, we have introduced our various apps that related to Facebook to ease your work in EasyStore.

Now we restructured Facebook Marketing and grouped the Facebook features in a new place in the admin panel. Reduce the repeating work from installing apps and connecting the Facebook page shop. 

1. Begin using Facebook Page Shop in EasyStore

You’re required to connect your Facebook account and click on Connect with Facebook to unlock all Facebook features at your fingertips.

2. Select your Facebook Page at the admin panel

A) You will be lead to a new tab to understand what the following steps will do as shown in the image below. After reading, press Next to continue the process.

B) Time to choose your own Facebook Page to connect with EasyStore.

C) After connecting an Ad account to your Pixel in the next step, your products will need your permission to be imported to Facebook Page. Tap at the Finish button when the whole process is completed with green ticks.

3. Enable Facebook features based on your needs

Now you can explore and use the built-in Facebook features which fit your demands to sell in another channel. 

Explore more about connecting Facebook Shop in our help article.

What can I do with Facebook Marketing in EasyStore?

1. Page Shop

The very first thing when touching Facebook is to connect your existing Facebook Page Shop with EasyStore.

This function helps you to sync the products from EasyStore to your Facebook Page. Enable your Facebook visitors to view and shop in the mobile experience.

By clicking into any product in your Facebook Page Shop, the button ‘Check Out on Website’ can proceed with them to your well-prepared website and direct them to make the purchase on the site.

2. Product promoter

The caption in your product photo is another key to make your visitors getting clear and accurate information. Worried about the caption? Don’t worry anymore.

We prepare you a format of the caption that straightforward and informative which reduces the repeating task in producing caption. Of course, you’re free to edit the content anytime, anywhere. 

Believe it or not, you will receive comments like ‘PM’, ‘Interested’, ‘How much for this?’ and more inquires under your product post on Facebook. Don’t get panicked. We have Photos Post Responder to lend you a hand in replying to all the comments automatically.

Enable the ‘Photo Post Responder’ function in your admin panel and edit the auto-replies that wish to leave in the public comment as well as the private message.

But first, you’re required to set the keywords so that the auto-responder detects and replies to the comments. Surely none will happy when making him or her waiting for the answer.

A pre-arranged caption is prepared for you.The customers will receive auto-reply like the image above when the Photos post responder is enabled in the admin panel.

3. Messenger

Customer chat

Welcome every online visitors with a personalized greeting message from the Messenger chat button.

Get started button

After greeting them in Messenger chat, utilize the Get Started button to guide them to your well-designed website or your best-selling products with the interactive link provided.

4. Tracking pixel

Advertising is one of the ways to assist you in promoting your brand heavily on the Internet. But there is more than 7 billion population in the world, how are you going to decide your target audience?

The Facebook pixel plays the role to understand the action people take on your website. For the purchase event, the information will be different based on the action that you chose as shown in the image below.

What’s Next?

That’s no doubt that Facebook Shop has integration with our daily life. And now, with Facebook features available in EasyStore, your store can be just integrated with the most popular social platform to sell online in multichannel. It’s just the thing you need to consider to take your Ecommerce to the next level in 2020.

Try EasyStore free for 14 days

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