Inside The Skincare Brand To Fuel Her Passion Of Growth

By Yavini Lucille · 27th April, 2020

In 2011, Sarini completed her degree in South Korea and she decided to turn her back on the safe path to pursue her dream. Instead of being a chemical engineer, she saw a road fork in her life — to be an entrepreneur.


Something She Never Feels Before From Her ‘Ex-Career’

To access to better education, Sarini attended Chemical Engineering at Korea University, South Korea. It was the opportunity that sparkled her idea of her current career. “My passion for skincare and chemical formulations has driven me to this far,” she says.

Since the Koreans, no matter genders, are seriously concerned about the skincare, it’s hard for Sarini to not take a look at their products. Their speedy innovation matches the Korean’s face-paced culture and demands where makes the world amused, including Sarini who studied abroad there at that time. 

Launched her online store with worldwide skincare brands from Korea, Japan, the United States, and also local brands is what she has been working diligently for almost a decade. 

Of course, no man is an island. Receiving helps from friends and acquaintances in Korea was one of the stepping stones that motivated Sarini to move forward in the red-ocean-like skincare industry. All the Korean skincare brands were imported to Malaysia safely with the joint effort from her friends.

At the age of 20-something, that’s the right time to start over with no business experience. Sarini returned back hometown as a chemical engineer but her mind and heart weren’t the same. Her passion pushed her step out the first step to venture into her journey of thousand miles.


Ever Tried, Ever Failed. Tried Again. Failed Again, Failed Better.

One early lesson learned during the entrepreneurial path was that gain the trust from the online customers. 

“I really don’t know how tough it is until I myself experienced it,” Sarini says. Undeniably, as a newcomer in skincare e-commerce, her brand which explored in social media at the beginning couldn’t convince enough the authenticity of products. Even the validity of knowledge that she shared was being questioned by the keyboard warriors.

When she burned herself out for serving and building her online business, one and one repeat customers came out and leave their honest reviews. Without realizing, her empire has gotten public attention. Word-of-mouth has opened another door towards the next chapter of this journey.

A common barrier faced by women-led businesses is to self-fund in the brand. Financing the options for small businesses was limited. Not relying on any bank loan, she worked extra jobs on the side. One of them was goodies making for events. She knew that to maintain a steady capital flow, what she has done is not enough. And at that time, EasyStore approached her.


Beyond Selling Skincare Products. Her Heartfelt Story Was Told.

“I chose EasyStore as a provider at around 2015 as my business has grown steadily and needed a more systematic procedure,” After analyzing her pain points, building a website is a way to keep the business for a long and stable stage. 

Monitoring the activities of orders and inventories in EasyStore leads to effective management. The online transactions and stock levels were recorded automatically. Having the right stock to fulfill the consumers’ demands helps to develop a loyal customer base.


Besides, the minimalist website design makes the brand looked more professional and trustworthy. Focusing the visitors’ attention to her products on the site without fancy colors and graphics.


Top Recommendation Tools in EasyStore For Rookie Entrepreneurs

Sync with the EasyParcel system. Delivery is easier when Easyparcel allows the users to check the delivery rates from different local and even international courier services. Make a booking for delivery online will be zero additional charges for every user. Self-printing airway bill is able to generate once the booking is made.

Since a wide range of products were displayed on the site, bulk editing functionality has significantly improve her efficiency in updating the products. Instead of clicking into each product, exporting and edit them in a list. Afterward, completing them with an import action.


Her Pain Points Were Chipping Away From Multi-Channel Selling

By now, she had expanded to Shopee and Lazada as another way to build a stronger online presence. With the integrations provided, the platform went to great lengths for a friendly shopping experience and the fruity results could be observed with double-up growth in sales. Indirectly, new traffic is driven to the brand website.

Get access to all information from different platforms empowers Sarini to work on more efficient product management with the time-saving process. To keep the business simple, the information able to be synced between marketplaces (Shopee and Lazada) and the online store with automated features. Unlock them in a click.


Don’t Start Now, If You Think Anything Can Stop You

“If you have a dream, do not hesitate to go for it!” Although The Pastel Shop was kicked off at a small scale, Sarini went out of the comfort zone and to make a change in her life. 

Without delay, act now. The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Don’t regret in future ‘cause the time ain’t wait for you!

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