What's New for Lazada Apps in EasyStore

By Sook Yan · 8th August, 2019

It could not be denied that marketplace sync has played an important role in Malaysia when we talk about business in E-commerce industries. With that, we have made a bunch of updates to make Lazada marketplace sync easier and more convenient for you.

1. Adjust Different Selling Price for Different Market Segments

We understand that you might want to sell a different price at your online store and marketplace. Previously, you will have to get to the Products page to amend them one by one. Now, we save your time by adding a new field named Lazada price where you can easily increase the price of the product in %.

2. Connect Lazada Sale Channel to EasyStore 

Once you have created your Lazada Sellers account, get ready to upload your products from Lazada to your website. Install and integrate Lazada Malaysia to allow sharing information between your EasyStore and Lazada Seller accounts. Your products on Lazada will be uploaded automatically with EasyStore on the Product page.

3. Product Management 

To quickly run the business operation, your products in Lazada are now available to sync with EasyStore platform. From the product image to the product description, you can have the same content in both Lazada and EasyStore without using 'Ctrl C' and 'Ctrl V'. Details below are what you will see during syncing the products.

3. (i) Tracking on Lazada Product Status

Often you will be wondering why the status of the product has changed to ‘Active’ but the product is not synced successfully to Lazada? Now, we added a new field called Lazada Status where you can check the latest status update of your product provided by Lazada at EasyStore.

3. (ii) Pre-filled Details During Update Process

Previously, during the resync process, you will have to fill in the category, brand and next, product details and extra attributes. Now, after you have amended the error and click ‘Update’, the first page will be skipped, where category and brand will be pre-filled for you. You will be redirected to the second page, just fill in the product details and extra attributes will do.

3. (iii) Clear Error Message Display

All of the overlapping and squeezing error messages have now been changed to the format of the pop-up! We have enhanced it to a pop-up box, presents the error message to you in the better interface.

3. (iv) Pagination to Product Page

Tired of keep scrolling down the page forever yet still not able to find your uploaded product? Before the update, the design was with infinite scroll where you do not even know when the infinite scroll will end. Now, the newly added pagination at the product page separates the products into discrete pages, allows you to find your uploaded product easily, making your Admin Panel a tad faster.

4. Order Management

The moment a merchant attains their brand promises to the consumers after hitting the complete order button on your virtual store. Get the right solution for your orders.

4. (i) Search Lazada Orders Without Scrolling For Hours

When we mentioned that we will take your feedback into consideration as a future enhancement, we meant it. We knew that search is an essential function, especially when your orders increase. With the new update, we added a Search Bar for you to find the orders easily.

4. (ii) Indicate Lazada Icons In Order Page

The latest update on February 4th, 2020 will be contributing more to the overall operational workflow with Lazada Malaysia. One of the updates includes showing the Lazada's icon on the order page if the orders are from Lazada. New orders from Lazada will appear in your Order page and marked as Lazada. This will help you manage your orders accordingly. 

5. Fulfill your Single or Multiple Lazada Orders at Once

Besides just showing icons for easy management, you can now fulfill your orders from Lazada in your Admin Panel. For sure you would like to try out fulfilling the orders one by one first before fulfilling in bulk. Simply click on the 'Fulfill' button and you're done!

This will help you streamline your fulfillment process in the all-in-one platform - EasyStore.

6. Print Lazada Airway Bills

Right after you fulfilled your items from Lazada, you can print your Air Waybill from at Admin Panel, and dispatch your parcels to your customers. 

Get the airway bills without stepping out of your door in EasyStore Admin Panel.

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