How this couple started an online flower shop from just a simple idea.

By June Sim · 22nd March, 2016

Hear it from the sellers themselves. This time, we interviewed an online florist named, Cole Yee to tell you about her secret of managing an online flower business. I hope you will be inspired by her journey story...Let's check out how Cole started her small business from just a simple idea...

Who is helping you in running your online business so far?

HappyDay (Cole): Actually, the business was founded by me and now just managed by my husband and also myself only. I am in charge of taking pictures of the flowers, website, Facebook marketing and etc while my husband focuses on flower packaging design.

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How did you come up with this product idea in the beginning?

HappyDay (Cole) : It started last year when I wanted to send something to my best friend from college, whom I haven’t seen in a long time. I booked online and had  flowers delivered to my friend. I felt very touched when seeing my friend receive the flower from the delivery guy and was inspired by this amazing moment. Thus, I decided to start selling flowers online and spread happiness to others. At that time, I had zero knowledge about selling flowers and also lack experience selling online. But that didn’t stop me.

Wait, so are you doing this part-time or full-time?

HappyDay (Cole) : Part-time. Both my husband and I have full-time jobs. I am doing sales and marketing for a CCTV company. Every day when I get out of work, I will visit the market and pick out the flowers to be featured the next day. And I do this day after day. It’s not easy! Sometimes it’s really sad when seeing some of the flowers are not sold or sold out during that day. However, I keep telling myself to never give up and keep featuring new flowers and design and listing it on our online store.

Sorry, I am quite curious. How did you manage to start your flower business even with zero knowledge and experience selling online?

HappyDay (Cole) : Actually, when we started, we tried out many times to design and wrap the flowers only and realize that it was not that easy...  some more we need design our own logo, message tag and so on. We took about 4 months just to do the preparations...
 Can you tell me what was the hardest part when running your online flower business?
HappyDay (Cole) : The hardest challenge for me was the flower delivery. I just started my online business a year ago as a part-time job. Until now actually, all the flowers are delivered by my husband. We are still new in this industry. However, we are looking to build a despatch team in the next few months. We believe that it will help our business grow.

Can you share more about the name "Happy Day"?

HappyDay (Cole) : The word "Happy Day" initially came from a celebrity chef – Jamie Oliver. For Jamie, food is all about Happy Day – good fun and great eating. As for us, hand-picking freshest and happiest flowers to make someone’s day are our Happy Day.


How do you make your online flower shop different from others?

HappyDay (Cole) : We separate ourselves with a few different strategies.

Good product quality & design :

We create one unique design each happy day, means our flower design change day by day. Every single bouquet is designed differently based on the theme selected and the fresh stems of the day. Everything is sourced, designed and delivered by us with care to ensure unprecedented levels of quality and to prevent any disappointment.

Lowest price :

Locally crafted bouquets start as low as RM39 with free delivery service to your doorstep. Our modern bouquets are of the lowest price (without any hidden fees), and it is guaranteed with the finest quality of the product.

Satisfied customer service:

We think of our customers like friends. We like to see people’s happy faces when they receive flowers from their loved ones. And we also can feel the love from the sender when ordering flowers from us. We don’t just send flowers, but we wish to deliver happiness to make someone’s day! A Happy Day with just a simple click for your best friends, boy/girlfriend, colleagues, awesome person, grandma, world’s best daddy, big cheese or anyone you can possibly be. We enjoy our communication with the customer!

This is a truly inspiring journey story. Really thanks for your sharing. Last but not least, any word of advice to encourage new sellers?

HappyDay (Cole) : Flowers are the most magical gift in the world, which can bring someone out of your busy life to a piece of joyful cloud, to mend someone's soul, to make someone feel better. This is the belief of my product. I encourage those who are thinking to sell online to find something that you are passionate about. That is always the first step.
EasyStore (June) : Well said, Cole. Thank you and hope your business keeps growing day by day!
Interviewed by : June Sim, marketing strategist@EasyStore
I ordered online from HappyDay on 13rd March 2016 for my best colleague, Melissa. I truly can feel the happiness from her when she received the flower which was delivered by Cole's husband. - June
As the interviewer and a marketer in online business, I really appreciate Cole for sharing those practical selling experience! I hope this journey story will encourage you to take the chance and achieve your own business goal. Even if it is just a small idea and small business, it doesn't matter because we started small too. Create your online store now, and give it a try
Sometimes, the changes happen in a magical moment, take your action now.

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