Bakezcute - A Success Story

By Thara Sofian · 13th March, 2015

Our schedule may be packed, and our money may be tight, but that doesn’t mean we should take our health lightly. That’s what Amanda, the owner of Bakezcute believe in. She loves cooking and organic lifestyle, therefore always on the lookout of organic herbs and ingredients to put in her cooking. These herbs are however expensive in groceries stores, so when she came across the mini pot plant series, she fell in love with the idea of planting fresh herbs in the kitchen and decided to start the mini pot plant business. That’s how she started her online business journey, that’s how Bakezcute was born.
Bakezcute is an online store that sells mini pot plant that mainly focused on cooking related products. Their goal is to promote the healthy living eco style. In an interview with Amanda, she considered herself lucky as she started off her business on the right foot. She never considered having an offline store because she knew the high cost that comes with it – not only she would have to pay for the utility bills, she would also need to pay for the staffs salary. Hence, she turned to one channel that she knows best – ecommerce.
According to her, the best thing about selling online is that it is extremely cost efficient. It also gives her more buffer time to to try out new products with minimal stock quantity & SKUs, sometimes even without required stocks (e.g. pre-order) to test the market response. She also observes that online buyers are generally more genuine than window shopping buyers, as they will take the effort to reachout to you by leaving inquiries in your ecommerce store.
Although still new in this industry, she could already feel that her quality life has improved tremendously ever since she started her online business. She has more time for her family and friends and not constricted to “office rules and regulations”. It gives her a sense of freedom and the power to manage her own time.
Of course, it's not always a bed full of roses for Amanda. She has face challenges in customer service as she can’t seem to please each and every one of her customer. However, she took this as a motivation for her to improve her business better and learn more each time.
In the interview, Amanda also urged all online business owners to have an online store besides marketing their products in marketplace. “Having an online store gives us more freedom and creative to market our products. We may get more traffics from marketplace but we have limitation on managing products, price war, some even with QA to control on our product selling. Sometimes, marketplace also change rules without informing the merchants, and we need to share a percentage of our sales to marketplace too. With an online store, we can convert those buyers to our store, buyer has more focus to products and make decision better in purchases.”
When asked for his advice for new startups who dream to have their own business and yet find it hard to make the leap, she commented, “Learn from premium sellers. Attend more seminar, FREE one of course. Join discussion group. Think ofa good product to sell – normally from your own hobby, and do not rush yourself,” More Success Stories:

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