Merchant Success Stories: Have You Ever Heard Of Preserved Lavender?

By Ying Lee · 23rd November, 2017

Merchant Success Stories: Pegasus Florist Lavender Revolutionary Preserved Lavender Florist A passionate couple who are keen to introduce their revolutionary florist with designation ideal handmade and with benefits on the new kind of florist style to the public with online business to bring convenient to the public. This blog brings you a different story and concept to the regeneration of the flower.

Khor (husband) and Pun (wife) are the founder of the Pegasus Florist company which they are creating product that is based with Lavender. They have been known each other since their university. In 2015, both of them are hybrid - having the knowledge and education background in both science and art; they have different perspective and thinking in life. Few years later, they have decided to start their own company with some unique ideas, which Pegasus Florist is founded and show to the public. 

Naturally Dried Lavender

- Fresh lavender that have been naturally dried to prolong its shelf life; at the same time, maintain its natural color and scent. 

What is the purpose in doing this business?

We have came across this business by a chance, where we went to a fresh lavender place. We were shocked by the smell lavender was so natural and refreshing. It is totally different from what we have known as "Lavender Smell" from the market. 

We were searching for fresh lavender to see the availability to work in Malaysia; however, we found it is costly and hard to get the lavender in good condition. Until one day, we met a supplier who is able to get us the Natural Dried Lavender, the idea of doing this business has came to real. 

Uniqueness and Benefits to the Public. 

Why would you want to start with this business?

Firstly, I would like to talk about the concept behind our company name, "Pegasus". It is an immortal winged horse, a flying horse that symbolizes the high-flying imagination in Greek mythology. "天马行空" it is exactly the meaning for "Pegasus". This is our core believe of our business in bringing the creatively wonderful products to our customers. Ever since, we have implemented our core believe in creating creatively Lavender-themed products, such as bouquets, bridal series and lavender-themed gifts to the public. 

Moreover, as we have always wanted to started something unique in our business. The idea of lavender-themed store has sparked our interest, and Pun likes to DIY with handmade, this would be great to actually giving a chance for her to developing her handmade skill and excavate the idea. In the fourth quarter of 2015, Pegasus Florist has come to the public and ready to show our idea product to the public as an online revolutionary store.

Why did you choose EasyStore as your online website provider?

Both of us have the same thinking to start our business in online-based; therefore, in the first quater of 2016, we were looking for website designers to build our own website. However, the quotations received were costly with a lack of flexibility. Coincidentally, I bumped into EasyStore on Facebook Advertisement. After exploring with EasyStore after a few testing, we decided to give it a try. It wasn't so difficult to DIY our own online store as we thought it might be hard to do so. But hey! In 2016 April, we singed up with EasyStore plan and continue using their service since then. We were so excited to get our website ready and built it within few weeks.  Before using EasyStore, we used to utilize social media as promotion tools to reach the public such as Facebook and Instagram. But after since with a proper website, we have a propoer landing page to lead the customers to our online store for asking for inquiry, which this is more convenient that it used to be. 

In our opinion, it is important to have a mobile-friendly website for better user experiences which EasyStore definitely helps in this. It is also integrated with many useful apps to help seller in all different ways. We enjoy all the flexibility and full control on how we want our website to be. With the integrated secured payment gateway such as iPay88, it helps to convert leads into sales and provide convenience to customer to easily making their payment. 

EasyStore was not perfect in the beginning. However, we have witnessed its effort and how much EasyStore has improved along the way. Today, EasyStore is the solution to any seller who would like to have their own website. - A User-friendly and Comprehensive Helper. 

Any interesting stories you would like to share with your customer interaction? 

Well! There were few interaction stories I would like to share which it has excited me the most. There was once a customer purposely drove for 2 hours from Temerloh, Pahang, just to collect our Lavender Bouquet Gift Box himself, and drove back afterwards just to surprise his girlfriend on that day without delivering it. This was one of the best moments we have with our customers. Furthermore, there were many other customers would sharing us their photos when they have received their gifts with satisfaction and excitement. With the satisfaction way they were showing us their review really encourage us to move forward and inspired  us to create more ideas on products.

The most memorable experience would be our first interview with Sin Chew Daily (Metro) in November 2016. Although we were nervous at the time, but we are so grateful that we can have the opportunities to share our concept and Lavender-themed products with the readers.

Perseverance & have faith. 

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Pegasus Florist,

Lot 2.13A,  South City Plaza,

Persiaran Serdang Perdana,

43300 Seri Kembangan,


* As we are online-based, we do not serve walk in. However, self-collection upon order confirmation is available. Kindly contact us via email or FB in prior for arrangement. 

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